qujOchÖ in exile


Fri, Octo­ber 30th 2010, 22:00
Zen­tral­ca­fé K4, Nürn­berg

Guy Bored brings acid. The Linz based elec­tro­nic inven­tors and turn­but­to­nist Andre­as Kurz (also known as Was­her) and And­re Zogho­ly have dedi­ca­ted them­sel­ves to the 303 sounds in a moder­ni­zed incar­na­ti­on. Their ana­log tracks have not mis­sed the last 15 years of music evo­lu­ti­on. With deep bas­ses some­ti­mes going towards Dub­step, dull sinus sounds occa­sio­nal­ly make you think of Pan Sonic. Their live sets are almost end­less machi­ne jams that build up con­ti­nuous­ly to their cli­max.

Sin­ce 2004 Cle­mens Mair­ho­fer, Lucas Norer and Sebas­ti­an Six are active mem­bers of the artist group FAXEN. Their musi­cal main­stay is May He Hetal? and whoever thinks of hea­vy metal now is wrong. Hea­vy elec­tro­nics would be more appro­pria­te, becau­se MHH lea­ve much to chan­ce. Key­boards are mani­pu­la­ted (key­word: cir­cuit ben­ding) and inter­faces are quick­ly built by them­sel­ves, so that expe­ri­men­ting doesn’t get boring. Vinyl records, field record­ings and all kinds of elec­tro­nic stuff are used for sound genera­ti­on. Not­hing drifts off in arbi­tra­r­i­ness, but is put tog­e­ther with a sure tas­te and a knack for the right ten­si­on cur­ve.