Tin­Tin Patro­ne (GER) /// 
Sta­tes of Clay (AUT) ///

Thu, May 17 2018, 21:00 /// 
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

The­re she is, sit­ting in her self-built mobi­le sau­na in the midd­le of the Loy­al Gal­le­ry in Kas­sel. Only her head sticks out, some­ti­mes also her hands to make sel­fies and sha­re them in a mes­sen­ger group. Inclu­ded: Six bot­t­les of vod­ka that slow­ly eva­po­ra­te over her head for three hours: “Have a drink with me too… I get … give one … my brains!” The per­for­mance of Ham­burg based artist Tin­Tin Patro­ne is sim­ply named “sau­na”, but could also be cal­led “How to get ful­ly drunk in a mea­ningless way”.

The con­cep­tu­al, mul­ti-laye­red and com­pre­hen­si­ve approach seems to be on the search for sobrie­ty in a world of drun­ken­ness. This app­lies to many of the works of Tin­Tin Patro­ne, who is a com­po­ser, musi­ci­an, actress, film and music pro­du­cer, pain­ter and aut­hor in one. She jumps from here to the­re and to the side and seems to effort­less­ly com­bi­ne music, sound, noi­se, art, per­for­mance and ever­ything that gets into her hands to sur­pri­se the audi­ence again and again. qujOchÖ means with loving ges­tu­re: Tin­Tin Patro­ne is a bit cra­zy and that’s good so.

Tin­Tin Patro­ne will be sup­por­ted by Sta­tes of Clay aka Anna Masa­la. In addi­ti­on to her edu­ca­ti­on ala Mari­na Abra­mo­vić and her tem­pora­ry life as a pro­fes­sor, she devo­tes herself main­ly to the search for the unex­pec­ted. In Sta­te of Clay’s per­for­man­ces, string and per­cus­sion instru­ments meet voice, hands and feet, are inter­wo­ven through repe­ti­ti­on and dif­fe­rence to expe­ri­men­tal, uncon­ven­tio­nal and dis­so­nant songs and some­ti­mes end up in nir­va­na. qujOchÖ means with loving ges­tu­re: Sta­tes of Clay is a bit cra­zy and that’s good so.

Both con­certs will take place on the second day of the bien­ni­al fes­ti­val “Art Meets Radi­cal Open­ness”. AMRO18 explo­res and dis­cus­ses cur­rent chal­len­ges in the con­text of digi­tal cul­tu­re, art, ever­y­day life, edu­ca­ti­on, poli­tics and action. The fes­ti­val, initia­ted and orga­ni­zed by servus.at, offers lec­tures, work­shops and per­for­man­ces at afo archi­tek­tur­fo­rum oö and Stadt­werk­statt.


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