Miss Magnetiq. Episode 4: North Pole – South Pole – Cow Dung

Octo­ber 2018 /// 
Vor­der­sto­der ///

After an exten­ded edu­ca­tio­nal lea­ve, atten­ding nume­rous coo­king clas­ses and a stay abroad in Magne­to­pol, Miss Magne­tiq has reap­peared on the screen. In her cur­rent epi­so­de, tog­e­ther with her assi­stants Nickel, Cobalt and Man­ga­ne­se as well as two cow assi­stants, she dedi­ca­tes herself to an important task, name­ly the rese­arch of magne­tic cows.

A few years ago, Miss Magne­tiq beca­me awa­re of this rese­arch object during her dai­ly lec­tu­re of ORF Online arti­cles: “Far­mers have known this phe­no­me­non for a long time: Cows like to look in the same direc­tion when gra­zing. The­re were many hypo­the­ses to jus­ti­fy this beha­viour, inclu­ding the fact that they turn towards the sun so that as lar­ge a part of their body as pos­si­ble is illu­mi­na­ted. Howe­ver, this left the ques­ti­on open why the ani­mals also show a clear ori­en­ta­ti­on on clou­dy days. Hynek Bur­da and his col­leagues the­re­fo­re exami­ned ano­t­her the­sis three years ago, name­ly that cows fol­low earth magne­tism. To pro­ve this, they ana­ly­sed a total of 308 pic­tures of pas­tu­res on which around 8,500 ani­mals gra­zed – all taken from the satel­li­te image pro­gram Goog­le Earth. The eva­lua­ti­on, which the rese­ar­chers descri­bed as ‘sta­tis­ti­cal­ly signi­fi­cant’, clear­ly indi­ca­ted a north-south ori­en­ta­ti­on of the cows”. (ORF Online, 15 Novem­ber 2011)

In a sci­en­ti­fic test series in autumn 2018, Miss Magne­tiq tried to chan­ge the north-south ori­en­ta­ti­on of a herd of cows on a Vor­der­sto­der Alm in Upper Aus­tria with her super­powers. Wit­hout suc­cess. Cobalt’s com­men­ted on this suc­cinc­t­ly: “!gnud oomyl­woC !citen­gam epon oomyl­woC”

Pho­tos: qujOchÖ