Linzbased #6: Monica Vlad & Anni Taskula

Moni­ca Vlad (RO) ///
Anni Tas­ku­la (FI) ///

Thu, Decem­ber 5 2019, 8 p.m. ///
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

When inter­na­tio­nal ten­ders, calls and app­li­ca­ti­ons are made or bio­gra­phi­cal infor­ma­ti­on is trans­la­ted into Eng­lish, it is not uncom­mon to indi­ca­te the ori­gin with the cent­re of one’s life and work – sup­ple­men­ted by the term „based“. But what does it mean, this „Linz­ba­sed“?

qujOchÖ sets out to find it. At regu­lar inter­vals, artists living and working in Linz are invi­ted to a talk. Tho­se will not only focus on the cur­rent work of the artists, their used methods, tech­ni­ques and mate­ri­als, or by whom they are influ­en­ced in their work, but also on the living and working envi­ron­ment that the city of Linz offers them.

What do you value most about Linz? What still keeps you in this city? How often have you thought of moving away fore­ver? What influ­ence does the Linz art and cul­tu­re sce­ne have on your own actions? What do you miss? Is the­re such a thing as a „Linz cul­tu­re“? What does Linz­ba­sed mean to yours­elf? And in any case: What’s a Linz?

For the sixth edi­ti­on of „Linz­ba­sed“ Moni­ca Vlad and Anni Tas­ku­la are invi­ted for a talk.

Pho­tos: qujOchÖ

Moni­ca Vlad, lives and works in Linz

Moni­ca Vlad designs and deve­lops new media instal­la­ti­ons and spaces. She uses new tech­no­lo­gy as an artis­tic medi­um of expres­si­on and as a medi­um for the inter­ac­tive and audio visu­al com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. The sound of her per­for­man­ces is main­ly based on noi­se, ambi­ent, expe­ri­men­tal music, ran­ging from low to very high fre­quen­ces that one can bare­ly hear, from mini­mal to glitch, from ana­log to digi­tal.

In her second life she is con­tent desi­gner at Pixel­Trend, a Mobi­le App Deve­lo­per loca­ted in Linz.

Anni Tas­ku­la, lives and works in Linz

Anni Tas­ku­la is a free­lan­ce dan­cer and a cul­tu­re pro­du­cer cur­r­ent­ly based in Linz, Aus­tria. Gra­dua­ted in Cul­tu­re Manage­ment (BA, Hel­sin­ki, 2012) and Sta­ge Dance and Pedago­gy (BA, Linz, 2015) her artis­tic work inclu­des balan­cing bet­ween pro­duc­tion and manage­ment as well as per­for­mance and cho­reo­gra­phy.

Cur­r­ent­ly she is per­forming with the Linz based dance collec­tive “The Crew Dance Pro­duc­tions” and assists cho­reo­graph­ers Jark­ko Man­de­lin / Kine­tic Orches­tra (FIN), Sita Ost­hei­mer (DE) as well as BODHI PROJECT dance com­pa­ny (AT) in tour manage­ment. She tea­ches dance and Gyro­ki­ne­sis work­shops, deve­lops and co-orga­ni­zes art events and fes­ti­vals such as Body/Sound/Space (2013–2015, Linz, Aus­tria) and EAST POINT WEST (2018, Kua­la Lum­pur, Malay­sia).