Basterds: FPÖ rows back

Unex­pec­ted turn in the Linz cul­tu­ral war. After the FPÖ (Free­dom Par­ty of Aus­tria) has voted against the allo­ca­ti­on of sub­si­dies for the cul­tu­ral asso­cia­ti­ons KAPU, Stadt­werk­statt, Radio FRO,, qujOchÖ and Medi­en­werk­statt during the muni­ci­pal coun­cil ses­si­on on April 18th 2013 they are rowing back now. In a press release Det­lef Wim­mer, district chair­man of the FPÖ Linz, empha­si­zes that his group has made a mista­ke: “Actual­ly, we wan­ted to vote for an increa­se of sub­si­dies. In the cour­se of the tur­bu­len­ces regar­ding the neo­na­zi video of our group chair­man the days befo­re we have com­ple­te­ly lost the over­view. At the end Bas­ti­an suspec­ted even that I had to do some­thing with the sen­ding of the video to the edi­to­ri­al office of the Kurier. Ridi­cu­lous! I mean, we were com­ra­des like Adolf & Ernst, Itchi & Scratchy or Tonya Har­ding & Nan­cy Kerri­gan.”

As com­pen­sa­ti­on the FPÖ Linz has pro­du­ced a video in which the ori­gi­nal­ly anti­ci­pa­ted remark for the muni­ci­pal coun­cil ses­si­on is added.

In this video Wim­mer is self-cri­ti­cal at the begin­ning: “Citi­zens of Linz! KAPU, Stadt­werk­statt, Frei­es Radio Ober­ös­ter­reich,, qujOchÖ and Medi­en­werk­statt! Regar­ding the poli­ti­cal opi­ni­ons, the poli­ti­cal views, I have to bla­me mys­elf: to be out at bad wea­ther in the area of cul­tu­ral poli­cy into a shoreless hori­zon.” Sub­se­quent­ly he cri­ti­ci­zes the envi­sa­ged can­cel­la­ti­on of the sub­si­dies and pro­mi­ses that his group of the BFJ (Fede­ra­ti­on of the Free­dom Youth) would “[…] sup­port this sub­si­dies for the asso­cia­ti­ons KAPU, Stadt­werk­statt, Frei­es Radio Ober­ös­ter­reich,, qujOchÖ and Medi­en­werk­statt total­ling 279.100 Euro per year, that is in total 558.200 Euro for the years 2013 and 2014, may­be fur­ther opti­mi­zed here or the­re”. His fel­low com­ra­des of the par­ty Bas­ti­an & Gott­fried back up this posi­ti­on expli­citly once again, look to the future and demand with regard to the cul­tu­ral bud­get of the City of Linz: “Und aufi!” (And up and away)

The video was rea­li­zed with the help of exor­bi­tant fun­dings and spon­so­ring. Thanks go out to the European Film­fond Eurimages, Direc­to­ra­te-Gene­ral for Edu­ca­ti­on and Cul­tu­re (European Com­mis­si­on), Aus­tri­an Film Insti­tu­te, bm:ukk, Land Ober­ös­ter­reich, Stadt Linz, Raiff­ei­sen­bank , HYPO , Ober­bank Linz, Ers­te Bank Linz, Uni­credit Bank Aus­tria Linz, BAWAG P.S.K. Linz, Volks­bank Linz, SPARDA BANK Linz and Quen­tin Taran­ti­no.

(Video/Editing: Take That/qujOchÖ, Audio: Radio FRO/Oliver Jagosch)