Triviale LINZ 3.5

Open­ing tour with eSel Lorenz Sei­dler (AUT) /// 

Fri, May 10 2013, 19:00 /// 
bb15 | Baum­bach­straße 15 | 19:00 to 19:30 /// 
qujOchÖ | Untere Donaulände 10 | 19:45 to 20:30 /// 
nomadene­tappe | Untere Donaulände 12 | 19:45 to 20:30 /// 
IFEK | Obere Donaulände 11 | 20:45 ///

Dura­tion of the exhi­bi­tion: May 10 — 23 2013

Due to the over­whelm­ing suc­cess of the Triv­iales 1.0, 1.11 and 2.4 as an exhi­bi­tion for­mat, which has been new estab­lished in Aus­tria, the cross-insti­tu­tion­al nexus of bb15, IFEK – Insti­tute for Expand­ed Art, nomadene­tappe and qujOchÖ brings with the Triv­iale 3.5 a fur­ther rep­re­sen­ta­tive sec­tion of the mod­ern art scene and there­by strength­ens the posi­tion of Linz as the cen­tre of Aus­tri­an con­tem­po­rary art.

It’s all about big and flashy. The gen­tri­fi­ca­tion engine and tourism fac­tor Triv­iale regards itself as a con­scious antipode, as a direct rival to major events like the doc­u­men­ta and the Venice Bien­nale, which – to be hon­est – are becom­ing increas­ing­ly sim­i­lar illu­sion­ary giants. The clos­er you get, the more the expec­ta­tion shrinks. But not the Triv­iale, which does not play on the fore­front of the debate but treats and dic­tates it.

Come, watch and be amazed!

bb15: “Meta/Total – Gruppe Uno Wien”
ein spiegel ist ein spiegel ist ein spiegel ist ein spiegel ist ein spiegel ist ein spiegel ist ein spiegel ist eins piegel ist ein spiegel iste in spiegel. ist ein spiegel.

qujOchÖ: “cor­pus delicti”
A mash up of press and police, sex and secu­ri­ty reg­u­lates the dai­ly scan­dal. And the scan­dal. Mur­der and manslaugh­ter. Is blood­lust. Is smoke and. Mir­rors. The com­plex coher­ences of a medi­at­ed soci­ety – which cre­ates a new desire for defor­mi­ty through exclu­sion mech­a­nisms – are the ele­men­tar com­po­nents of the instal­la­tion “cor­pus delic­ti” by Roswitha Anger­er and There­sa Luise Gindl­strass­er. They both suc­ceed in a Tour de France of Triv­i­al­i­ty: the good thriller.

nomadene­tappe: “Jouis­sance, oder mit­ten­durch ist auch innendrin”
“We call it danc­ing, / he said with laugh­ter, / but we let it done by oth­ers.” (Theodor Fontane)

IFEK: “Mit­tel­erde neg­a­tiv” (Mid­dle earth negative)

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