Triviale LINZ 2.4

Open­ing tour with Dag­mar Schink (AUT) /// 

Thu, April 19 2012, 19:00 /// 
bb15 | Baum­bach­straße 15 | 19:00 to 19:30 /// 
qujOchÖ | Untere Donaulände 10 | 19:45 to 20:30 /// 
nomadene­tappe | Untere Donaulände 12 | 19:45 to 20:30 /// 
IFEK | Obere Donaulände 11 | 20:45 Uhr ///

Dura­tion of the exhi­bi­tion: April, 9 — May, 20 2012

Due to the over­whelm­ing suc­cess of the Triv­iales 1.0 and 1.11 as an exhi­bi­tion for­mat, which has been new estab­lished in Aus­tria, the cross-insti­tu­tion­al nexus of bb15, IFEK – Insti­tute for Expand­ed Art, nomadene­tappe and qujOchÖ brings with the Triv­iale 3.5 a fur­ther rep­re­sen­ta­tive sec­tion of the mod­ern art scene and there­by strength­ens the posi­tion of Linz as the cen­tre of Aus­tri­an con­tem­po­rary art.

It’s all about big and flashy. The gen­tri­fi­ca­tion engine and tourism fac­tor Triv­iale regards itself as a con­scious antipode, as a direct rival to major events like the doc­u­men­ta and the Venice Bien­nale, which – to be hon­est – are becom­ing increas­ing­ly sim­i­lar illu­sion­ary giants. The clos­er you get, the more the expec­ta­tion shrinks. But not the Triv­iale, which does not play on the fore­front of the debate but treats and dic­tates it.

Come, watch and be amazed!

bb15: “Art Now”
Video, 3 min., 2011 Philipp Hanich, Andrea Lüth, Thomas Weinberger
It is not clear who sets the rhythm. The intent: bang on the ket­tle­draum! Josph Beys plays the cym­bals. Small set, the sequence of cre­ation looks like this: 1. Rhythm (in the mind) – 2. move­ment (the pic­ture) – 3. film­ing – 4. singing – 5. sound – 6. cut (open­ing and final credits).

qujOchÖ: “Rebrain the Street”
Triv­ial illu­sions meet con­scious­ness-expand­ing-hun­gry Leary-fol­low­ers. The cor­tex is hybridized with the free­way. The street belongs to the per­cepts. Don’t be fooled. Rebrain the street! Reclaim the brain!

nomadene­tappe: “Etwas Anderes” (some­thing different)
is often noth­ing that is close to us.

IFEK: “acces­soires invasive”
Maren Hirt and Eva Teissl
fluffy phras­es, banal scan­dals, prim­i­tive feel­ings & light fare

Infos and Photos: