Strata Series One Two Three: Crossing Europe Filmfestival 2009

Pre­sen­ta­tion: Cross­ing Europe Film­fes­ti­val 2009 /// 
Thu, April 21 2009, 15:00, Moviemen­to 3 ///

STRATA SERIES is an exper­i­men­tal audio-video series that was filmed in var­i­ous loca­tions in Linz: Part 1 in the Plus City, a shop­ping mall, part 2 on a fair and part 3 in the art muse­um Lentos in Linz. Three episodes, three urban places of dif­fer­ent scenery, one method. A seem­ing­ly fixed cam­era posi­tion over­looks the bleak­ness of aban­doned places. Only by pro­longed view motion is per­ceiv­able: the cam­era takes 24 min­utes to turn 360 °. Like frag­ments of mem­o­ry the frames break the sta­t­ic lin­ear­i­ty of move­ment of the places.

The project deals with dif­fer­ent the­o­ret­i­cal approach­es by Guy Debord, Paul Vir­ilio, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guat­tari. Accord­ing to Vir­ilio, the urban space is main­ly char­ac­ter­ized by exces­sive speed. On the one hand STRATA SERIES is an attempt of extreme decel­er­a­tion in pic­ture and sound. On the oth­er hand it gives a hint of extreme accel­er­a­tion in the decel­er­a­tion itself. It is all about lay­er­ing and over­lap­ping, con­cern­ing the social as well as archi­tec­tur­al in pic­ture and sound.