Screenings in the Swamp: Season II

Thu, June 19th 2014: Kyn­odon­tas (Dog­tooth) (Greece 2009, with an intro­duc­tion by Luzi Katamay/qujOchÖ) /// 
Thu, July 3rd 2014: Die Gstet­ten­saga: The Rise of Ech­sen­friedl (Aus­tria 2014, with an intro­duc­tion by the direc­tor Johannes Grenzfurthner/monochrom) /// 
Thu, July 17th 2014: Ermit­tlun­gen gegen einen über jeden Ver­dacht erhabenen Bürg­er (Italy 1970, with an intro­duc­tion by Hol­ger Jagersberger) /// 
Thu, July 31st 2014: Vis­i­tor Q (Japan 2001, with an intro­duc­tion by Thomas Philipp/qujOchÖ) /// 
Thu, August 28th 2014: Die Piefke Saga — Teil 4: Die Erfül­lung (Austria/Germany 1993, with an intro­duc­tion by Verena*Henetmayr/qujOchÖ) /// 
Thu, Sep­tem­ber 11th 2014: This is Spinal Tap (USA 1984) /// 
each time 21:00 /// 
quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz ///

Once again qujOchÖ unrolls the screen right on time with the begin­ning of sum­mer, cools the beer, starts the pro­jec­tor and pop­corn machine and invites every two weeks to an open air film screen­ing. In the cosy court­yard, accom­pa­nied by the Swamp Thing, every sec­ond Thurs­day gems of the cin­e­ma can be dived from 21:00 with free admission.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)