AV-Battle: The ultimative combat

Man­fred Engel­mayr (AUT) /// 
Andre Zogholy (AUT) /// 
Sil­via Fässler (AUT) /// 
Reneé Stieger (AUT) /// 
It’s not fair (AUT) /// 
Fan­tas Schimun (AUT) /// 
Markus Deck­er (AUT) ///

Thu, May 20 2004, 17:00 — 24:00 /// 
Moviemen­to Linz ///

The tide is high. Enough of this audio­vi­su­al love, of this addic­tion of har­mo­ny between film and music, of this “sound being in accord with images”.

The col­lec­tive “qujOchÖ – exper­i­mentelle Kun­st- und Kul­tur­ar­beit” orga­nized a unique duel on 20th of May 2004 in Moviemen­to Linz, a mer­ci­less com­bat between audio and video. qujOchÖ put a war of media on stage: def­i­nite­ly a real death match between freaky enthu­si­asts of music against shy cineasts, even more: an ulti­mate A/V‑battle.

In sev­en rounds, each dur­ing 15 min­utes, exper­i­men­tal musi­cians are fight­ing against bril­liant cult-movies: intro against trail­er, deci­bel against lux, ears against eyes. The audi­ence decides who is the win­ner — like in Star­ma­nia, Deutsch­land sucht den Super­star or Amer­i­can Idol. Is it pos­si­ble that the audio-fight­ers can use their advan­tages of sim­ple mate­ri­al­i­ty and mar­tial­i­ty? Or does the visu­al omnipo­tence and imma­te­ri­al­i­ty of the films influ­ence the audi­ence? What will be the deci­sion of the audi­ence? One thing for sure: only one wins! Who los­es, gets chucked out.

Here the hero­ines and heroes of this mem­o­rable com­bat, who are going to answer the ques­tion “film or music”? :

Man­fred Engelmayr
Vien­na, *1972
Bands: Bul­bul, Fugu
The Ghost
Ger­many 1982
direct­ed by Her­bert Achternbusch

Andre Zogholy
Linz, *1975
Bands: Egotrip, wch band
Fear and Loth­ing in Las Vegas
USA 1998
direct­ed by Ter­ry Gilliam

Sil­via Fässler
Vienna, *????
Bands: akoas­ma, silly
Tamala 2010 – A Punk Cat in Space
Japan 2003
direct­ed by t.o.l. (Trees of Life)

Renee Stieger
Linz, *1969
Bands: SiRenée, Das Fleisch
La Planète sauvage
F/CSSR 1973
direct­ed by Rene Laloux

it’s not fair
Vien­na, *1972
Bands: Fuck­head, Honolulu
Altered States
USA 1980
direct­ed by Ken Russell

Fan­tas Schimun
Vien­na, *1973
Bands: Fan­tas Schimun
F 1973
direct­ed by Claude Faraldo

Markus Deck­er
Linz, kon­str. 1965
Bands: m‑, decker+quotenregelung, wch band
For­bid­den Planet
USA 1965
direct­ed by Fred McLeod Wilcox

Mod­er­a­tion of that skir­mish between audio and visu­al art: the one and only Johannes Gren­z­furth­n­er, mas­ter­mind of mono­chrom / Vienna.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)

(Camera/Editing: qujOchÖ)

(Camera/Editing: Ingo Randolf)