Thu, August 20th 2009, 15:00
quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz

TONNUZZI is a swimming pool for the inner city free to copy for yourself. It consists of twelve interconnected 500-liter rain barrels, nine of which are filled with water. One of the barrels is filled with ice cubes (cola! beer! cocktails!), another with gravel and sand (shovel! excavator! castles!), and another one serves as a bar.

The aim of TONNUZZI is not so much to use in a temporary way otherwise unused space, its rather the possibility of making reproduction as simple as it can be. TONNUZZI is no luxury good. It reminds us of childhood baths in rain barrels and can be replicated with relatively cheap materials (rain barrels, rain barrel connectors, hoses, water pump, …).

(Photos: Petra Moser/Clemens Bauder)

(Camera/Editing: qujOchÖ)