But when they came to writing, Theuth said: “O King, here is something that, once learned, will make the Egyptians wiser and will improve their memory; I have discovered a potion for memory and for wisdom.” This is how it goes, the myth of the invention of writing by the Egyptian god Theuth, as described by the well-known Greek philosopher Plato in his work “Phaedrus” from the 5th century BC.

In this game you will move through ancient Athens, collecting different media in order to complete a mission. You will meet famous people who greatly influenced the development of media and cultural theories. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing shows you the limits of the image, Laura Mulvey takes a delightful gaze on your memorizing abilities, and Marshall McLuhan finally gets his well-deserved massage. Across the 12 stations, you will use smartphones, newspapers, stamps, candy, hand, feet, pairs of eyes, and other means to discover the Myth of Theuth. Whoever manages to finish the mission first – with a combination of strategy, luck, and knowledge – will be worshiped as a divine medium!

MYTH OF THEUTH is designed as a board game, which will be available in three different versions in English and German:

  • PHAEDRUS, free available version to produce at home, needs approx. 5 to 6 hours;
  • PLATON, standard version, first edition of 500 pcs., 45 Euros;
  • THEUTH, exclusive version, higher quality of used materials, additional game material (own game pieces, paper, pencils, newspaper articles, post-it notes, candies, LEGO bricks, blindfold, liqueur, envelopes, stamps), limited edition of 100 pcs., signed by artists, 90 Euros.

The pdf templates for PHAEDRUS and photos for PLATON and THEUTH can be found at the end of this posting.

You can buy the game in selected shops and book stores in Linz, e. g. Ars Electronica Center, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, Buchhandlung ALEX and Buchhandlung Fürstelberger or order it via email to (please supply name, shipping address and number of games you want to order).

Station Cyber Quanta Over-Lower-Drive
Station Do Cyborgs dream of Domination?
Station Krämer’s =^.^=

With support from Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH aws (Kreativwirtschaftsscheck).

Templates for PHAEDRUS version:

Game instructions / Fullscreen Mode

Game board on 1 x A2 / Fullscreen Mode

Game board on 2 x A3 / Fullscreen Mode

Game board on 4 x A4 / Fullscreen Mode

Station depots / Fullscreen Mode

Station chips / Fullscreen Mode

Media cards / Fullscreen Mode

Media storages / Fullscreen Mode

Mission cards / Fullscreen Mode

Phaedrus’ Ostomachion – Puzzle pieces / Fullscreen Mode

Phaedrus’ Ostomachion – Puzzle templates / Fullscreen Mode

Flusser’s Game – Flusser’s story / Fullscreen Mode

Communicative Impacts – Spaceship cards / Fullscreen Mode

Communicative Impacts – Newspaper articles / Fullscreen Mode

Cyber Quanta Over-Lower-Drive – Concept cards / Fullscreen Mode

Scopophilomemory – Control Sheet / Fullscreen Mode

Scopophilomemory – Eye pair cards / Fullscreen Mode