Living in the penalty area

A project in the context for the UEFA Euro at Kunstmuseum Lentos

Fri, June 13th 2008 – Sun, August 17th 2008
Opening hours: daily 10:00 – 18:00, Thu 10:00 – 21:00
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1, Linz

From 7th to 29th of June 2008 the football European Championship takes place in Switzerland and Austria. In this context, the exhibition LEBEN IM STRAFRAUM by qujOchÖ at the art museum Lentos in Linz attempts to intervene in this gigantic football machinery. Even though this enormous spectacle penetrates deep into everyday life, LEBEN IM STRAFRAUM concentrates on the essence of football: moves and strategies – in short: what actually happens on the playing field. Video projections of important games will be created using aesthetic reduction, minimalist representations of complex game plays and movements, with network analyses, statistical data and depictions of compressions and energy.

Throughout the duration of the European Championship 2008, it will be possible to experience LEBEN IM STRAFRAUM both in and around the Lentos. The 60-meter long open space cut out of the Lentos building will be adapted as playing field and defined as “penalty area”. With a length of 60 meters, this spaces corresponds to the space of half a football field. In this “penalty area” there will be performative interventions on the one hand, on the other the utilization concept and the spatial architecture of this artificial football field will be actively used in the form of an inviting football living room for interested passers-by and visitors.

Under the covered open area of Lentos, several deciding scenes from past matches will be replayed on each of three days:

• Austria – Croatia (performance at the opening of the exhibition on Thu, June 12th 2008, from 18:00)
• Netherlands – France (Sun, June 15th 2008, 14:00 – 17:00)
• Winner of group B vs. second of group A (Sun, June 22th 2008, 14:00 – 17:00)

The content and theme of the “penalty area” will be linked with an exhibition inside the Lentos. The exhibition includes documentation of the performative interventions (visualizations) and single works by artists (installations, video works, experimental art):

• Turntable Soccer (qujOchÖ)
• Soccer TV Test Pattern (Siegfried A. Fruhauf)
• Red Peaks and Green Spotted Ball (Karo Szmit)
• Bist du zu lieb, bist du verloren (Taife Akca/ Thomas Philipp)
• Der Zukunft Vergangenheit (Christine Pilsl/Mika Satomi/Stefan Schilcher/Ingo Randolf)
• Ein österreichisches Fußball-Orakel: Die Prohaska-Schneckerl (Mario Sinnhofer)
• Der Zeitmesser (Leo Peschta)
• Penalty Data Shit (qujOchÖ)

The catalogue “Leben im Strafraum” with contributions by Stella Rollig (Reduced to the essence), Andreas Kump (Numbers vs. coincidence. On control excesses in soccer and society), Ramón Reichert (Soccer as a social field), Alfons Hug (Soccer: paintings on a green ground), Doris Prlić und Andre Zogholy (Delirium in the penalty area) is available at the museum shop of the Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz for a price of 5 Euro.

(Photos: Petra Moser/Susanne Maschek)

(Camera/Editing: qujOchÖ)