November 2005

Bushido vs. Dobuschido – Keep it real, Nutella-Sucka! Linz, downtown

So much for „the arse end of nowhere“! After the beautiful town of Linz got insulted in an article of the magazine Spiegel, which was about the process against the German bully-rapper Bushido, the mayor Franz Dobusch strikes back. With his own rap-video the now called Dobuschido accepts the challenge for a battle and disses the brainless gangsta from Berlin: “Go fry an egg! Make yourself scarce! Your dirty face appears in the list of my sozi-crew. We jerk on you! Yo yo, for sure!” Dobuschido wants to keep the hard-earned image of Linz clean. It was not for nothing that Linz was the European Capital of Culture in 2009, so does he say and keeps on dissing: “Keep it real! Does it stink in Linz? Chemistry, boredom, drugs? You should get disvested of your licence to rap!“

Dobuschido tries hard to calm down his communitiy but it’s bubbling in the suburbs. First encroachments against German tourists are being reported in the districts Auwiesen and Kleinmünchen. The same in the center nearby the cityhall, there some German bicycle-tourists got attacked. Dobuschido denies any co-responsibility: „I’ve already talked to my homies Big K.Luger and Dirty Johnny M., we don’t want to smirch our hands in this way!”
The battle between Bushido and Dobuschido is hold on the music-flor, at least this round. During the next international Pflasterspektakel in Linz, there is going to be a rhyme-battle between these two rivals: “In the ghetto, here with my sozi-gang, I’ll diss ya down, you German sausage with sauce!” The new Dobuschido-song! Keep it real, Nutella-Sucka!

(Photos: qujOchÖ)

(Direction/Production: qujOchÖ, Editing: Ingo Randolf)