We teach you how to party

Cap­tain Ahab (USA) /// 
Sick­boy (BEL) /// 
DJ Skull Vom­it (USA) ///

Thu, July 29 2010, 20:30 /// 
quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz ///

CAPTAIN AHAB are com­ing! WTF! OMG! Fuck­ing Jesus! Sweat­ing axil­lary hair juice which is inter­min­gled to a stewy melange that is drip­ping direct­ly into the ass like blos­som hon­ey to move it ecsta­t­ic. Jonathan & Jim, two (half-)naked men from Los Ange­les who sing-shout, run and jump through the audi­ence, stroke thighs, rolling on the floor. CAPTAIN AHAB is a par­ty machine: “Look­ing around, you see the audi­ence – many of whom have also stripped down to their under­wear — danc­ing as shame­less­ly as of a bunch of eight-year-old girls at a wed­ding recep­tion. They seem to be hav­ing the time of their lives and by the end of the night, you will be too.” (Sky­scraper Mag­a­zine #23)

Kick­ing synths, drift­ing away indus­tri­al and rave vibes, pump­ing beats, per­ma­nent­ly cracked up with aphex­oid and square­push­ing out­bursts. Come to dad­dies! Beside tracks like “Girls Gone Wild” or “Snakes on the Brain” (sound track of the hor­ror movie “Snakes on a Plane” with Samuel L. Jack­son) they will bring with them their two new big releas­es “The End of Irony” (Death­bomb Arc) and “The Prop­a­ga­tion of the Gospel in For­eign Parts” (Cock Rock Disco).

… and for the overkill the two sup­port acts. SICKBOY from Bel­gium, part of the Bel­gian break­core crew “Break­core Gives Me Wood”, tag team part­ner of BONG-RA and manowar Mani­ac, and also DJ SKULL VOMIT from San Fran­cis­co, one half of the electro/grind duo EUSTACHIAN and oper­a­tor of Fathme Records. WE TEACH YOU HOW TO PARTY!


(Pho­tos: Jakob Dietrich)

(Video: qujOchÖ)