We dsp on you: Sonig Club Rock Tour

Scratch Pet Land (BEL) /// 
Vert (GER) /// 
F.X. Ran­do­miz (GER) /// 
Joseph Suchy (FRA) /// 
DJ Frank Dom­mert (GER) /// 
DJ Lithops (GER) ///

Wed, May 14 2003, 20:00 /// 
KAPU, Kapu­zi­ner­stra­ße 36, Linz ///

SONIG is the renow­ned elec­tro­nic label of the “Köl­ner unge­ra­den Schu­le”. Foun­ded in 1997, this label not just published e.g. MOUSE ON MARS, but also gathe­red some of the most uni­que and com­pel­ling rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ves of new digi­tal music and who are intro­du­cing them­sel­ves on this first inter­na­tio­nal label tour.

The Bel­gi­an Super Rocker SPL aren’t just going bey­ond the limits of con­ven­tio­nal record pro­duc­tions (cur­rent albums: “solo soli iiiii” and “fan club orches­tra vol.1&2”), but they also are out­shi­ning ever­ything by play­ing live. Sta­ge mad­ness in several speeds, gob­bing out of the ampli­fier unin­hi­bi­ted­ly. SPL are the living pro­of that elec­tro­nic music is not just a gen­re but a machi­ne which is nebu­li­zing par­ti­cles. And even tho­se will smash SPL.

VERT deci­ded to do it on his own. He is fami­li­ar with songs, with uni­que rhythm and body moves, vert’uous key­boar­ding and awk­ward posing. In this vein the Eng­lish gen­tle­man is brea­king with con­ven­ti­ons, styles and beats. After his long tour sup­por­ting TORTOISE and MOUSE ON MARS through Euro­pe, USA and Japan, VERT pres­ents parts of his high­ly prai­sed album “nine types of ambi­gui­ty”.

F.X.RANDOMIZ is the sover­eign, silent pro­ge­ni­tor of lap­top rock, that musi­cal mass move­ment which is mean­while cal­led like this by all glos­sy maga­zi­nes. RANDOMIZ doe not care about this at all. Qui­te the con­tra­ry, becau­se he is just bored about this. Gre­at music is what dri­ves him. Even if he isn’t moving much behind his moni­tor, he is moving a huge mass of sounds, arran­ging poly rhyth­mic infer­nos. For each con­cert he is con­duc­ting a new orches­tra with new unhe­ard music. A living legend, this time accom­pa­nied by the fan­tastic free-noi­se gui­ta­rist JOSEPH SUCHY.

DJ FRANK DOMMERT plays rare­ly heard records around the bur­ning con­cert sta­ge. With MOUSE ON MARS he took over the mana­ging for the label SONIG, is for more than 10 years essen­ti­al part of Cologne’s expe­ri­men­tal sce­ne around A-MUSIC and sole owner of the fine tra­di­tio­nal Colo­gne Label ENTENPFUHL (also published suchy’s new opus “ent­skidoo”).

LITHOPS is Jan St. Wer­ner from MOUSE ON MARS and MICROSTORIA. With some acoustic sur­pri­ses and more dance records in his case than the clo­sing time allows, he com­ple­tes the bla­zing evening of the SONIG label. Perhaps he also plays live, you never know what he is going to do.

Thus, you can look for­ward to cool updown­tem­po beats, sool, pfunk and rear­groo­ve for moving club­ber. SONIG will assem­ble elec­tro­nic music live new and show that the­re is so much more than just beats or click forming glitch.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)