FM3 (USA/CHN) feat. qujOchÖ (AUT) /// 

Fri, April 20 2007, 20:00 /// 
Linz Parish Church, Pfarr­platz 4 ///

FM3 was foun­ded in 1999 by Chris­tia­an Virant and Zhang Jian, two acti­ve mem­bers of the Peking music sce­ne. They are regar­ded as pioneers of abs­tract elec­tro­nic expe­ri­men­tal per­for­mance in Chi­na and are famous for lea­ve a lot of room for live “expe­ri­ments”. FM3 pro­du­ce mys­te­rious, medi­ta­ti­ve and mini­ma­listic sound scapes which are dosed with sin­gle ele­ments of tra­di­tio­nal Chi­ne­se folk music in a sub­t­le way to crea­te a small uni­ver­se of micro sounds and syn­the­tic glit­ches. FM3 was named “the most pro­mi­nent expe­ri­men­tal act in Chi­na” by the US maga­zi­ne “Groo­ves”, XLR8R descri­bed the sound of FM3 as “poe­tic noi­se” and the Bri­tish maga­zi­ne “The Wire” wro­te that the live sets of FM3 are “medi­ta­ti­ve”, “soot­hing” and “enga­gin­gly inti­ma­te”.

In 2004 FM3 was com­mis­sio­ned by the Lou­vre muse­um in Paris to pro­du­ce a new sound track for the 1930 clas­sic movie “La Croi­siè­re jau­ne”. The pro­ject was finis­hed in June 2004 with three live per­for­man­ces at the audi­to­ri­um in the Lou­vre. Sound instal­la­ti­ons by FM3 have been fea­tured at the Shang­hai Bien­na­le 2004 as well as at the Dashan­zi Inter­na­tio­nal Art Fes­ti­val, the Kul­tur­hal­len Dampf­zen­tra­le in Bern or the trans­me­dia­le in Ber­lin this year. Relea­ses from FM3 can be found on the Dut­ch label Staal­plaat at the seri­es “Mort Aux Vaches”, on Mutek_Rec or on Sub­li­me Fre­quen­ci­es. And FM3 pro­du­ces the so cal­led “Bud­dha Machi­ne”, a box in the size of an iPod which con­ti­nuous­ly plays 10 Loo­ps.

After FM3s small per­for­mance at the quitch last year they will enter the sta­ge again on April 20th at the Linz Parish Church. Tog­e­ther with qujOchÖ a “mea­su­ring” of the inter­nal space of the church will occur wit­hin the con­text of an audi­tive game, based on “Bud­dha Boxing” by FM3. Armed with a mani­fold of the small FM3 sound machi­nes an expe­ri­ment will hap­pen in which the acoustic space of the Parish Church will be sound­ed out. In the second part of the evening the­re will be a total chan­ge of roles. The audi­ence will turn into FM3 and qujOchÖ, tho­se two will turn into the audi­ence. By the way: this church is the oldest Parish church in Linz, foun­ded in the 13th cen­tu­ry and tur­ned into a Parish church in 1286. The church tower is the third hig­hest in Upper Aus­tria.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)

(Video/Schnitt: qujOchÖ/Ingo Ran­dolf)

(Video/Schnitt: qujOchÖ/Ingo Ran­dolf)