uke @ quitch

Kru­no Jošt & Tan­ja Topolovec (CRO) ///

Sun, Decem­ber 5 – Fri, Decem­ber 10 2004 /// 
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

uke, rep­re­sen­ted by Kru­no Jošt and Tan­ja Topolovec, two Croa­ti­an artists, are at the quitch from Decem­ber 5 to 10 2004 to work as artists in resi­dence each on one art pro­ject. Both of them main­ly work in the seg­ments of video art and art in public space.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)