The Swamp Thing: Marcel du Swamp

Mar­cel du Swamp (USA) ///

Sun, May 5 2013, 19:00 /// 
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

Tape­deck, Mixer, Micro­pho­ne – most time ever­ything that Mar­cel Du Swamp (USA) needs to brew his musi­cal thun­der­storm. Full use of phy­si­cal strength and self-built ana­log beats turn the young Ame­ri­can – who knows for sure what a C‑60 is – to a musi­ci­an with unusu­al beha­vi­or in a digi­tal children’s room shot to pie­ces. The histo­ry of elec­tro­nic music, sam­pled and rest­ruc­tu­red with US-ame­ri­can Cut-Up-Spi­rit, fue­led by shou­tings at the wall. (skug)

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ) [audio:]