Strata Series One Two Three: Crossing Europe Filmfestival 2009

Pre­sen­ta­ti­on: Cros­sing Euro­pe Film­fes­ti­val 2009 /// 
Thu, April 21 2009, 15:00, Movie­men­to 3 ///

STRATA SERIES is an expe­ri­men­tal audio-video seri­es that was filmed in various loca­ti­ons in Linz: Part 1 in the Plus City, a shop­ping mall, part 2 on a fair and part 3 in the art muse­um Lent­os in Linz. Three epi­so­des, three urban pla­ces of dif­fe­rent sce­ne­ry, one method. A see­min­gly fixed came­ra posi­ti­on over­loo­ks the bleak­ness of aban­do­ned pla­ces. Only by pro­lon­ged view moti­on is per­ceiva­ble: the came­ra takes 24 minu­tes to turn 360 °. Like frag­ments of memo­ry the frames break the sta­tic linea­ri­ty of move­ment of the pla­ces.

The pro­ject deals with dif­fe­rent theo­re­ti­cal approa­ches by Guy Debord, Paul Viri­lio, Gil­les Deleu­ze and Félix Guatta­ri. Accord­ing to Viri­lio, the urban space is main­ly cha­rac­te­ri­zed by exces­si­ve speed. On the one hand STRATA SERIES is an attempt of extre­me dece­le­ra­ti­on in pic­tu­re and sound. On the other hand it gives a hint of extre­me acce­le­ra­ti­on in the dece­le­ra­ti­on its­elf. It is all about laye­ring and over­lap­ping, con­cer­ning the social as well as archi­tec­tu­ral in pic­tu­re and sound.