Speak Dating

Mon, May 13 2013 – Sun, June 23 2013 /// 
In the streets of Linz ///

Linz is diverse. Far more than 100 lan­guages are spo­ken here. The inter­cul­tur­al project SPEAK DATING, ini­ti­at­ed by migrare and qujOchÖ, wants to make this mul­ti­lin­gual­ism vis­i­ble. There­fore a spe­cial form of a lit­er­ary trea­sure quest will hap­pen in the streets of Linz between May 13 and June 23.

On those days the val­ue of mul­ti­lin­gual­ism in Linz can be dis­cov­ered with the help of a lit­er­ary trea­sure quest. The Upper Aus­tri­an author and script-writer Thomas Baum (Tatort, Die Rosen­heim-Cops, Der Winz­erkönig) serves for the nec­es­sary ten­sion. A sto­ry writ­ten by him is com­posed of dif­fer­ent lan­guages: Turk­ish, Bosn­ian-Croa­t­ian-Ser­bian, Alban­ian, Roman­ian, Russ­ian, Dari and Ibo. Only with the help of so called SPEAD DATES it can be decod­ed. These SPEAK DATES take place at dif­fer­ent places of mul­ti­lin­gual­ism in Linz like club cen­ters of migrant ini­tia­tives or read­ing rooms of edu­ca­tion­al insti­tu­tions. After trans­la­tion the sto­ry can be con­tin­ued as desired by the par­tic­i­pants. How the sto­ry ends is decid­ed by yourself.

The fol­low­ing asso­ci­a­tions open their doors between May 13 and June 23 for SPEAK DATES:

• migrare – Zen­trum für Migran­tInnen
• Arcobaleno – Vere­in der Begegnung
• Vere­in DIDF
ZZI – Zen­trum der zeit­gemäßen Initiativen
• Vere­in der Bosni­ak­en “NUR
• Vere­in Niko­la Tesla
• Vere­in der Bürg­er von Bosnien & Herzegowina
• Black Community
• SOS-Men­schen­rechte Österreich
• Vere­in ADA – Alter­na­tive Solidarität
• ibuk – Vere­in für interkul­turelle Begeg­nung und Kulturvermittlung
BFI Kompetenzwerkstatt
• Volk­shil­fe Flüchtlings- und MigrantInnenbetreuung
• Car­i­tas Flüchtlingshilfe
WIFI Sprachenzentrum
ÖGB Linz
• Wis­sensturm Linz

SPEAK DATING is ini­ti­at­ed by migrare – Zen­trum für Migran­tInnen and the Linz based art col­lec­tive qujOchÖ. It is sup­port­ed by the province of Upper Aus­tria, the Migra­tion and Inte­gra­tion Comit­tee of the City of Linz and the City of Linz itself.

Par­tic­i­pa­tion doc­u­ments at
www.migrare.at/cms1/index.php/projektangebote/integrationsfoerdernde-projekte#speak, by E‑Mail to lisa.filzmoser@migration.at or by phone at 0732–667363-37.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)