Sound Stories

Andre­as Stoi­ber (AUT) /// 
Die Fuch­teln (AUT) /// 
Lein­de­cker & Prlic (AUT) /// 
Scree­ning of Sound Sto­ries with: Doris Prlić, Andrea Lüth, Chris­ti­na Nemec, Cle­mens Kog­ler, Felix Kubin, Mario­la Bril­low­s­ka, Hor­ace, ni & boe­se­ber­tha, die Fuch­teln, Karo Szmit, Krach der Robo­ter, Ingo Lein­de­cker ///

Ope­ning: Thu, Octo­ber 16 2008, 20:00 /// 
Exhi­bi­ti­on: Thu, Octo­ber, 16 – Thu, Octo­ber 23 2008, 17:00 – 19:00 /// 
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

Sound Sto­ries is a seri­al sto­ry con­sis­ting of six parts crea­ted by twel­ve dif­fe­rent artists and groups. The sto­ry was released step by step on Initi­al­ly sound pie­ces were repeated­ly pro­du­ced for which video artists crea­ted the images.

On Octo­ber 16th the day has come: the last epi­so­de goes online and the series will be pre­sen­ted in an exhi­bi­ti­on at the quitch. For the ope­ning several par­ti­ci­pa­ting artists are invi­ted: Andre­as Stoi­ber (Krach der Robo­ter) does a lec­tu­re on the topic of ani­mal forms in audio dra­mas, the Fuch­teln from Vien­na are respon­si­ble for the musi­cal reper­toire of the evening, Leindecker/ & Prlic per­form their sound pie­ce “Plas­tik” live and of cour­se the scree­ning of the film takes place.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)