Battle fields of the electronic desert

Schwes­tern Brüll (AUT) /// 
Eva Eger­mann (AUT) /// 
EyeBM (AUT) /// 
Fritz Oster­may­er (AUT) /// 
Tom Lam­ber­ty (GER) ///

Fri, Decem­ber 19 2003, 20:00 /// 
Upper Aus­tri­an Federal Sta­te Libra­ry, Linz ///

BATTLE FIELDS OF THE ELECTRONIC DESERT is part of the expe­ri­men­tal series q_# of qujOchÖ and takes place in the rea­ding room of the Upper Aus­tri­an Federal Sta­te Libra­ry. Two expe­ri­ments are held: 1. Eva Eger­mann (Vien­na) is com­pe­ting against one of the sis­ters Brüll (Vien­na): unpre­dic­ta­bi­li­ty as expe­ri­men­tal arran­ge­ment, the attempt of glo­ri­fy­ing fail­u­re and the clash of heroi­nes and revo­lu­tio­na­ry young femi­nists. 2. The pro­ject EyeBM with “what you see is what you hear” show an audio-visu­al pie­ce of bro­ken com­pu­ter moni­tors.

The libra­ry, which actual­ly is a place of know­ledge, silence and rela­xa­ti­on, or even bet­ter: an archi­ve of con­cen­tra­ti­on; gets rear­ran­ged into a noi­sy and dis­tur­bing con­cert hall. Boffins who are silent­ly and iso­la­ted rea­ding their books, and are get­ting repla­ced by lis­ten­ing peop­le dan­cing bet­ween har­mo­ny and dis­so­nan­ce.

On the same evening qujOchÖ invi­tes the hero of the Aus­tri­an “Dilet­tan­ten­stadls”, Fritz Oster­may­er, jour­na­list, FM4-radio-man, DJ, aut­hor, actor, guest speaker and musi­ci­an.

On top of that a lec­tu­re of Tom Lam­ber­ty (Mer­ve-Ver­lag) rea­ding parts of the book of qrt “batt­le field of the elec­tro­nic desert” takes place: “Many peop­le expect that Arnold Schwar­zen­eg­ger goes to the next war, becau­se he is the stron­gest man ali­ve. Mean­while others think that the Gulf War is just a pro­duc­tion of War­ner Bro­thers or Colum­bia Pic­tures.” (Qrt, batt­le fields of the elec­tro­nic desert, Mer­ve, Ber­lin 1999)

qrt ali­as Mar­kus Kon­ra­d­in Lei­ner, theo­rist and bar­kee­per, dies 1995 by an over­do­se of heroi­ne. Publi­ca­ti­ons at Mer­ve: batt­le fields of the elec­tro­nic desert (1999), Tek­kno­lo­gic (1999), Dra­chen­saat (2000)

Tom Lam­ber­ty, fri­end of qrt of many years and publisher of his works at Mer­ve, Ber­lin, is con­sul­tant of stra­te­gies and so on His focal points of inte­rests are mis­si­le heads, E-HR, last dis­hes, sil­hou­et­tes of scis­sors, sounds of heli­cop­ter.

Ent­ran­ce just for dilet­tan­te heroi­nes and heroes …

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)