q_papier edition red

Texts in a land­scape format ///
June 2002 ///

q_papier is a lit­tle machine, a rhi­zome-paper. It deals with the cur­rent gen­er­al sub­ject in text form and is writ­ten by the qujOchÖ-col­lec­tive. As a col­lec­tive is not only one per­son than a sum of its parts and each of the qujOchÖians is more, it is already a very, very large amount. Plateau-con­struc­tion is made pos­si­ble, even more: a map, an in-between, it is an upris­ing rhi­zome on paper with print­ed trains of thoughts.

It is allowed to col­lect vs. throw away the q_papier, to punch vs. sta­ple it, to read vs. not read it, to use it as toi­let paper vs. toi­let lit­er­a­ture (also pos­si­ble: first toi­let lit­er­a­ture then toi­let paper, not rec­om­mend­ed is the oth­er way round), to use it sub­ver­sive to get some­one think­ing and to use the q_papier for join­ing the constructing/deconstructing/reconstructing in a sub­ver­sive way.

q_papier Edi­tion Rot includes texts from sub­com­man­dante bre­ton, ego, FH12 and add on ae.

(Fotos: qujOchÖ)