q_musik 06


Wed, Octo­ber 2nd 2002, 20:00
KAPU, Kapuzin­er­straße 36, Linz

in coop­er­a­tion with popfakes

Nomad Eric Boros has been record­ing and play­ing live since 1994 using hand­made, stolen, found, bas­tardised, min­i­mal­ist, junk equip­ment. His “brut” artis­tic works express a nihilis­tic and gen­er­al­ly grim cri­tique of com­mer­cial music, main­stream cul­ture, and humankind’s deves­ta­tion of the earth: “In my opin­ion the most impor­tant objects to make noise/sound with is your body and your brain. The main goal is to con­tin­ue the cre­ate and dis­trib­ute infor­ma­tion, music, art etc., out­side of the cor­po­rate struc­ture — so indeed, free music for free people.”

An Ital­ian liv­ing in Gene­va, Joseph Frus­ciante plays tenor and sopra­no sax­o­phone, and his self-made “stringed bam­boo instru­ment”. He comes from a jazz back­ground, and has been com­pos­ing and impro­vis­ing under the name of NO EXIT since 1999. He also played in the group DMS3, record­ing and per­form­ing with men­tal­ly-hand­i­capped peo­ple: “I am search­ing for a lan­guage that could trans­late the emo­tions, the feel­ings that haunt me. I would like to erase the fil­ters of ratio­nal­i­ty, and to be con­nect­ed direct­ly to what I feel. This voy­age leads me to drift in torn lyrism, made of res­o­nances and obses­sions, labyrinths, and trances.”




(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)