q_musik 05

Ohne (SUI/USA/GER) /// 
rm74 (USA) /// 
Tochnit Aleph Empi­re (GER) ///

Sun, June 2 2002, 20:00 /// 
KAPU, Kapu­zi­ner­stra­ße 36, Linz ///

The voices of Smith, Phil­lips and Löwen­brück are the main sources of the tonal hap­pe­ning at con­certs of OHNE, which are visual­ly arran­ge in an activist flow. During 40 till 60 minu­tes dif­fe­rent scenes/pieces are being play­ed which fol­low a strict script but which are also open for impro­vi­sing. Elec­tro­nic mani­pu­la­ti­ons and effec­ts and pre­pa­red records are also part of the con­cert, which is com­ple­te with Mäder at the audio-mixer.

rm74 inves­ti­ga­tes micro­scopic elec­tro-acoustics. He is car­ving up audio par­ti­cles in its nano­scopic com­pon­ents, mani­pu­la­ting to form them into com­plex frac­tile pat­terns and pul­sing sub-fre­quen­ces. The basic mate­ri­al or his electronic/ elec­tro-acoustic com­po­si­ti­ons are sounds gene­ra­ted by elec­tri­ci­ty, e.g. of lamps or ref­ri­gera­tors, or digi­tal and ana­lo­gue sources of errors. Signi­fi­cant for his digi­tal crea­ti­ons are the pixel- and micro sounds. A new album has been published at the label Domi­zil in Zurich. The con­certs of Reto Mäders are dif­fe­rent ver­si­ons and raw-mate­ri­als of recent pie­ces which are get­ting edi­ted live on sta­ge and accom­pa­nied by pro­jec­ted pic­tures refer­ring to the sound. Mäder as well pur­su­es the Hin­ter­zim­mer-label, which published rm74, Strot­ter Inst. and Hund.

Dani­el Löwen­brück as Tochnit Aleph Empi­re is rep­re­sen­ting the skills and ten­den­ci­es of his label Tochnit Aleph. He is re-estab­li­shing with his sets the ele­ment dan­ger into music and reminds the audi­ence on the unspoi­led poten­ti­al of puber­ty.