q_musik 03

Mel­ted Men (USA) ///

Wed, May 9 2001, 20:00 /// 
KAPU, Kapu­zi­ner­stra­ße 36, Linz ///

A car­ni­val of dege­ne­ra­ti­on and decon­struc­tion. A hybrid of com­mer­ci­al songs and sin­ging birds. Vinyl record­ings in a cos­tu­me or naked. Sta­ge appearan­ces too. This is Mel­ted Men, the cra­zy duo from Athens (USA): “[…] most bizar­re electronica/tribal percussive/noise/industrial/experimental/performance art/­cos­tu­med-freak duo […]” (Flag­po­le Maga­zi­ne 05/99).

Let me tell you: Whoever mis­ses this par­ty mis­ses his life.


(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)