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Do Make Say Think (CAN) ///

Sat, Octo­ber 21 2000, 20:00 /// 
KAPU, Kapu­zi­ner­stras­se 36, Linz ///

It is not often that a small label like Con­stel­la­ti­on Records releases several high qua­li­ty albums a year. Not satis­fied with releasing the albums “f#a#oo” and “Slow Riot For New Zero Cana­da” from “God­speed You Black Emperor!” they brought us one more mas­ter pie­ce with “good­bye ene­my air­ship the landlord is dead” from the six-per­son-collec­tive “Do Make Say Think” from Toron­to.

Do Make Say Think are now a fine­ly-cali­bra­ted musi­cal Sput­nik tra­cing stardust orbits around the good green Earth.”


(Pho­to: qujOchÖ)