q_# 03

Tim Boy­kett (AUT) /// 
Claus Har­rin­ger (AUT) /// 
marc9 (AUT) /// 
Boris Schuld (AUT) ///

Sun, August 5 2001, 20:00 /// 
KAPU, Kapu­zi­ner­stra­ße 36, Linz ///

q_# is a mon­th­ly hap­pe­ning expe­ri­men­tal audio-video-series, orga­ni­zed by “qujOchÖ – mul­ti­ples pla­teau fuer kunst und kul­tur”. This series is an attempt to com­bi­ne dif­fe­rent audio­vi­su­al seg­ments and may­be rede­fi­ne them. In con­trast to the first two epi­so­des q_# 03 now con­sists of ana­lo­gous equip­ment (drums, gui­tar etc.) and the­re­fo­re won’t be ope­ra­ted not exclu­si­ve­ly by sam­pling and lap­tops for the first time.

Musi­ci­ans and visua­lists of this third epi­so­de are:

  • Klaus Har­rin­ger (Drums at Vali­na, ego vs fux vs bron­ski, several noi­se col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons)
  • Tim Boy­kett (Time’s Up, for­mer High Speed Lady Die, T-Roll, Toms Les­si­on, Yield7)
  • marc9 (Time’s Up)
  • Boris Schuld (Lam­pe, waschaecht.wels)
(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)