q_# 01

Alex Wall­ner (AUT) /// 
Wolf­gang Fuchs (AUT) /// 
Joa­chim Schnaitter (AUT) /// 
Ste­fan Has­lin­ger (AUT) /// 
Gerald Ross­ba­cher (AUT) ///

Sun, May 6 2001, 20:00 /// 
KAPU, Kapu­zi­ner­stra­ße 36, Linz ///

q_#. Is for expe­ri­ment. More pre­cise­ly for an expe­ri­men­tal hap­pe­ning series on the edge of con­troll­ab­le. Peop­le meet each other one month befo­re the expe­ri­ment via an elec­tro­nic forum, deve­lop vague con­tours of the hap­pe­ning, exchan­ge them­sel­ves. What real­ly hap­pens at q_#, which kind of new for­mats will emer­ge, what sort of momen­tum is gai­ned in con­text of the hap­pe­ning series, is ran­dom. The situa­ti­on defi­nes what hap­pens. The plan intends that q_# is moving toward noi­se, feed­back, ana­lo­gous elec­tro­nic, live visu­al mixing, situa­ti­ve per­for­man­ces. But it does not to have as the plan does not real­ly exist. For sure q_# won’t end at a point whe­re anyo­ne thinks that it will end.

What is clear: q_# takes place every first Sunday of the month at chan­ging pla­ces in and around Linz. In mer­ry month of May we will start with Wolf­gang Fuchs (mixing desk feed­backs), Alex­an­der Wal­lin­ger (pre­pa­ra­ti­ons of gui­tar and bass), Ros­si (expe­ri­ments with nume­rous hard dri­ves as sound gene­ra­tors), Joa­chim Schnaitter (mul­ti­me­dia­wor­ker), Ste­fan Has­lin­ger (noi­se fabri­ca­ti­ons on Power­book) a. m. m.