PussyVision @ Open Air Ottensheim 2019

Pus­sy­Vi­si­on (USA)

Fri, June 28 2019 ///
Open Air Ottens­heim 2019 ///

Pus­sy­Vi­si­on aka Fin­ley Janes is a gen­der queer witch house pro­du­cer, per­for­mance artist and noi­se musi­ci­an. She descri­bes herself as “living loo­ney­tu­ne” and her gen­re as “dark indus­tri­al hell”. To say that Fin­ley Janes is pro­du­cing expe­ri­men­tal elec­tro­nic music in this pro­ject would be an under­state­ment.

An arti­cle in the Phoe­nix New Times sta­tes: “7 Women Noi­se Musi­ci­ans You Need to Know: Expe­ri­men­tal artist Fin­ley Janes per­forms as an alter-ego named Pus­sy. Com­bi­ning spo­ken word with per­for­mance art ele­ments (like masks and stran­ge cos­tu­mes), Pus­sy­Vi­si­on plays music that mixes tog­e­ther harsh indus­tri­al noi­se with queer pop. Her oeu­vre is enga­ging yet unner­ving — her sounds and visi­ons dare you to come a litt­le bit clo­ser and pay atten­ti­on, while the vocals and gnar­led noi­ses emana­ting from the speakers are lace­ra­ting your sen­ses.” (https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/music/women-noise-musicians-lana-del-rabies-irene-moon-pussyvision-e-alo-9596279)

In sum­mer 2018 her album Replicate:// came out, the announ­ced Hazardville:// is eager­ly awai­ted. Her style com­bi­nes harsh elec­tro­nics, hea­vy beats and haun­ting vocals to crea­te bru­tal images of trau­ma and reco­very. Pus­sy­Vi­si­on crea­tes dyna­mic tracks live on sta­ge with ana­log syn­ths, an MPC 1000 and loop pedals. She oscil­la­tes unpre­dic­ta­b­ly bet­ween ethe­re­al sin­ging, bloodthirs­ty screams, chil­dish sobs and throaty howls with lyrics that speak inti­mate­ly of fear, dis­so­cia­ti­on, vio­lent fan­ta­sies and the regai­ning of strength after a trau­ma.

The live per­for­man­ces of Pus­sy­Vi­si­on (com­ple­te with home­ma­de masks and cos­tu­mes, often glit­te­ring with fur) are some­ti­mes descri­bed as “expe­ri­en­cing indus­tri­al hell” and “witnes­sing a delu­sio­nal cyber­witch”. Or as a caco­pho­nous sound­s­cape that could be inter­pre­ted as a natu­re-figh­t­ing indus­try – an over­grown indus­tri­al district hos­ti­le to plants and birds, but still reboun­ding from the ruins of a for­mer self.

Pus­sy­Vi­si­on comes to Euro­pe for the first time in sum­mer 2019. As part of qujOchÖ’s 100% Fema­le series she will per­form at this year’s Open Air Ottens­heim.


Pho­tos: qujOchÖ / Lisa Leeb