PIXELPORNO 0.2 – another short journey through computer*sex*games & science & art: Lecture & Talk III & Exhibition Opening

Fri, March 27 2015, 18:00 /// 
Straf­sa­chen­ga­le­rie, Brü­cken­kopf­ge­bäu­de Ost /// 
Haupt­platz 5–6, Linz ///

Ope­ning hours:

Sat, March 28th – Fri, April 10th 2015, dai­ly from 16:00 to 20:00

Free admis­si­on & at least 16 years old!

Lec­tu­re & Talk III:
Inti­ma­te games: Inten­ti­ons, poten­ti­als and limi­ta­ti­ons of play­a­ble por­no­gra­phy
Sabi­ne Har­rer (Indie Bird Game Collec­ti­ve)

Robert F. Nidef­fer: Tomb Rai­der I + II Nude Patches *** Moll­e­indus­tria: Orgasm Simu­la­tor & Queer Power *** Hea­ther Kel­ley: Lapis *** Kyle Machu­lis: SeX­Box *** Gazi­ra Babe­li: Come to Hea­ven *** Pier­rick Thé­bault: Cypo­rn *** Copen­ha­gen Game Collec­ti­ve: Dark Room Sex Game *** Ste­pha­ne Shi­bats­u­ji-Per­rin: Porn Hero *** Geor­gie Rox­by Smith: The Fall Girl *** Pip­pin Barr: Hot Cof­fee *** Mer­ritt Kopas: Con­sen­su­al Tor­tu­re Simu­la­tor *** Eliza­beth Simins: Manic Pixel Dream Girl *** Yan­nick Lam­belet: Uni­corn Pop Porn *** Lea Schön­fel­der: Ute *** Emmett But­ler & Nina Free­man: how do you Do It

8‑Bit-Sounds by The Hor­ny Plum­bers

Two women are stan­ding in a dar­ken­ed room. Gent­le Groa­ning is heard, inter­rup­ted by giggling and clap­ping sounds. Two blue lights are woo­shing around. The groa­ning is get­ting lou­der and lou­der, a cli­max is approa­ching.

We are insi­de the exhi­bi­ti­on PIXELPORNO 0.2. The two women have just com­ple­ted the first round of the “Dark Room Sex Game”. In this game, released in 2008 by the Copen­ha­gen Game Collec­ti­ve, you have to move around two Nin­ten­do Wii remo­tes in the right rhythm. The bet­ter this is done the more har­mo­nic and inten­se the groa­ning will get. By com­ple­te­ly focus­sing onto the audi­tive level the domi­nan­ce of por­no­gra­phic images that usual­ly can be seen in com­pu­ter games with sexu­al depic­tion is bro­ken apart. Fur­ther­mo­re the com­mon sen­si­ti­ve action of the two play­ers on their way to the cli­max pro­du­ces a near­ly ero­tic atmo­s­phe­re.

The “Dark Room Sex Game” is just one out of 16 works from the gen­re of game art that is shown wit­hin the exhi­bi­ti­on which is com­pi­led by the art collec­ti­ve qujOchÖ from Linz. Alrea­dy in Octo­ber 2013 a first exhi­bi­ti­on, enti­t­led PIXELPORNO 0.1, was shown at the for­mer doll muse­um in Linz which focus­sed on a cri­ti­cal depic­tion of com­mon sex games like Saman­tha Fox Strip Poker, Leisu­re Suit Lar­ry or Lula 3D.

PIXELPORNO 0.2 covers artis­tic works which deal with the same topic, e. g. one of the ear­liest tele­dil­do­nics works, “SeX­BoX” by the US-ame­ri­can artist Kyle Machu­lis (2006), or the adult flash game “Ute” from the young Ger­man game desi­gner and artist Lea Schön­fel­der (2014). The exhi­bi­ti­on will be ope­ned with a lec­tu­re by Sabi­ne Har­rer from the Indie Bird Game Collec­ti­ve on the topic “Inti­ma­te games: Inten­ti­ons, poten­ti­als and limi­ta­ti­ons of play­a­ble por­no­gra­phy”.

(Pho­tos: Ulrich Foh­ler, Miguel Gon­za­lez-Gon­za­lez)