PIXELPORNO 0.1 – a short journey through the history of computer*sex*games

Thu, Octo­ber 31 2013, 18:00 /// 
Pfarr­gas­se 9 (for­mer doll muse­um), Linz /// 
with live per­for­mance by Zogho­ly Bros. (Sick-Game­boy-Sounds & 80ies-Syn­thwa­ve-Shit) ///

Ope­ning hours: 
Fr, Novem­ber 1 2013 – Sun, Novem­ber 3 2013 /// 
Fri, Novem­ber 8 2013 – Sun, Novem­ber 10 2013 /// 
Fri, Novem­ber 15 2013 – Sun, Novem­ber 17 2013 /// 
from 17:00 to 22:00 ///

Free admis­si­on & at least 16 years old!

Sat, Novem­ber 9 2013, 19:00
Rea­ding group on com­pu­ter games, sex & gen­der

Sat, Novem­ber 16 2013, 19:00
Off-Lan-Batt­le (team­play­er mode with gre­at pri­zes!)
Regis­tra­ti­on at ulcus@qujOchOE.org

Saman­tha Fox Strip Poker, Leisu­re Suit Lar­ry in the Land of the Lounge Liz­ards, Sex Games, BMX XXX, GTA Hot Cof­fee Mod, Tomb Rai­der Nude Patches, Bone Craft. The Linz based art col­le­ti­ve qujOchÖ shows a jour­ney through the histo­ry of sexu­al con­tents and repre­sen­ta­ti­ons in com­pu­ter games at a no bud­get test exhi­bi­ti­on. This ser­ves as a star­ting signal for a more inten­si­ve exami­na­ti­on with media and gen­der theo­re­ti­cal­ly ques­ti­ons: What sho­cked 30 years ago? How did sexist methods of repre­sen­ta­ti­on deve­lop? Whe­re are ima­gi­na­ry par­al­lels to games nowa­days?

Shown are ori­gi­nals, test reviews, game inst­ruc­tions and much more. Fur­ther­mo­re the­re is the pos­si­bi­li­ty to gam­ble on exhi­bi­ted con­so­les and devices (Ata­ri 2600, Com­mo­do­re 64, Play­Sta­ti­on 2, IBM-PC and iMac), inclu­ding wit­hin an off lan batt­le. A rea­ding group is dedi­ca­ted to the theo­re­ti­cal refle­xi­on. And at the ope­ning on Octo­ber 31st the­re is a con­cert by Zogho­ly Bros, oscil­la­ting bet­ween Game­boy sounds and Syn­thwa­ve.


(Pho­tos: Mar­tin Bru­ner & qujOchÖ)

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