Paul is dead: What you ever never wanted to know about conspiracy theories

qujOchÖ feat. Domi­ni­ka Meindl (AUT), Karin Fer­ra­ri (AUT/ITA), Geor­gie Gold (AUT), Claus Ober­hau­ser (AUT), Johan­nes Grenz­furth­ner (AUT/USA) and Donald Trump (USA) ///

Sat, Novem­ber 25 2017, 8 pm, Ope­ning with Domi­ni­ka Meindl, Karin Fer­ra­ri & Geor­gie Gold ///
Sun, Novem­ber 26 2017, star­ting at 4 pm, Scree­ning mara­thon with Donald Trump ///
Mon, Novem­ber 27 2017, star­ting at 7 pm, Lec­tu­re and soi­rée with Claus Ober­hau­ser & Johan­nes Grenz­furth­ner ///
Ope­ned non-stop for 66 hours ///

Loca­ti­on: For­mer apart­ment of Mr. Paul May­r­ho­fer, Bosch­weg 2a ///
By bus: line 25 direc­tion Oed or line 27 direc­tion Che­mie­park, lea­ve the bus at “Don Bosco” (Franck­vier­tel) and walk 3 minu­tes towards the voe­st­al­pi­ne (watch the signs) ///

qujOchÖ invi­tes you to a mys­te­rious gathe­ring around 66 con­spi­ra­ci­es. In a vacant apart­ment of a recent­ly decea­sed pro­pul­si­on engi­neer near voe­st­al­pi­ne the man’s lega­cy has been inspec­ted, sor­ted and pre­pa­red.

On Satur­day Novem­ber 25 the apart­ment will be ope­ned for exac­t­ly 66 hours for eager spec­ta­tors. In the rooms one can find nume­rous hints to past and actu­al con­spi­ra­ci­es. Is the earth flat? Who real­ly mur­de­red Mari­lyn Mon­roe? Was the moon lan­ding just a big hoax? Is the Repu­blic of Aus­tria, in rea­li­ty, just an enter­pri­se? How harm­ful are chem­trails? Is Möl­le­mann still ali­ve? Why are the­re hid­den messa­ges on ciga­ret­te packa­ges?

On the ope­ning evening pre­si­dent Domi­ni­ka Meindl will con­vey an exces­si­ve wel­co­m­ing mes­sa­ge to the gathe­red peop­le. The Aus­tri­an artist Karin Fer­ra­ri will unco­ver hid­den messa­ges in news pro­grams during a live con­fe­rence with the news stu­dio in Paris and Geor­gie Gold as “The Gol­den Ass­ho­le” plays a sen­ti­men­tal DJ-tri­bu­te-set to Sir Paul McCart­ney, who died in 1966.

Fol­lo­wing on Sunday after­noon a scree­ning mara­thon on films and docu­men­ta­ti­ons about con­spi­ra­cy theo­ries will start. With pre-Christ­mas Coca Cola, Jesus Toasts and dis­in­for­med beer, ser­ved by the pre­si­dents of hearts, Donald Trump.

On Mon­day evening Mag. Mag. Dr. Claus Ober­hau­ser from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Inns­bruck will take a clo­ser look at dif­fe­rent con­spi­ra­ci­es from an aca­de­mic per­spec­tive. The evening will be com­ple­ted with a con­spi­ra­cist soi­rée by Johan­nes Grenz­furth­ner from the clan­des­ti­ne Vien­nese group mono­chrom. The apart­ment will be clo­sed fore­ver on Tues­day at 2 pm.