Myth of Theuth

But when they came to wri­ting, Theuth said: “O King, here is some­thing that, once lear­ned, will make the Egyp­ti­ans wiser and will impro­ve their memo­ry; I have dis­co­ve­r­ed a poti­on for memo­ry and for wis­dom.” This is how it goes, the myth of the inven­ti­on of wri­ting by the Egyp­ti­an god Theuth, as descri­bed by the well-known Greek phi­lo­so­pher Pla­to in his work “Pha­edrus” from the 5th cen­tu­ry BC.


In this game you will move through anci­ent Athens, collec­ting dif­fe­rent media in order to com­ple­te a mis­si­on. You will meet famous peop­le who great­ly influ­en­ced the deve­lop­ment of media and cul­tu­ral theo­ries. Gott­hold Ephraim Les­sing shows you the limits of the image, Lau­ra Mul­vey takes a delight­ful gaze on your memo­ri­zing abi­li­ties, and Mar­shall McLu­han final­ly gets his well-deser­ved mas­sa­ge. Across the 12 sta­ti­ons, you will use smart­pho­nes, news­pa­pers, stamps, can­dy, hand, feet, pairs of eyes, and other means to dis­co­ver the Myth of Theuth. Whoever mana­ges to finish the mis­si­on first – with a com­bi­na­ti­on of stra­te­gy, luck, and know­ledge – will be wor­shi­p­ed as a divi­ne medi­um!

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