Myth of Theuth @ Munich Science & Fiction & Art Festival 2018

Fri, April 13 — Sun, April 15 2018 /// 
Ein­stein Kul­tur, Ein­ste­in­straße 42, Munich ///

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MYTH OF THEUTH will be pre­sent­ed at this year’s Munich Sci­ence & Fic­tion & Art Fes­ti­val. Dur­ing the fes­ti­val it is pos­si­ble to play the game in the so called “Plug & Play” mode. From time to time qujOchÖ will host spe­cial rounds in the so called “Main­frame” mode with local media artist & cre­ative entrepreneurs.

MYTH OF THEUTH is a media-philo­soph­i­cal board game devel­oped by the Aus­tri­an art col­lec­tive qujOchÖ. While walk­ing through ancient Athens, up to sev­en peo­ple gath­er dif­fer­ent media and get in touch with media-philo­soph­i­cal celebri­ties from the ancient world to the present. Vilém Flusser dri­ves aside the telem­at­ic soci­ety ad nau­se­am, Lau­ra Mul­vey takes a joy­ful look at our mem­o­ry and Mar­shall McLuhan final­ly gets his well-deserved mas­sage. Smart­phones, news­pa­pers, Lego bricks, sleep­ing masks, stamps, liqueur and oth­er media are used through twelve unique stations.

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Pho­tos: qujOchÖ & Den­nis Eckert