Myth of Theuth @ Ars Electronica Festival 2017

Uni­que public per­for­mance of the game /// 
Sun, Sep­tem­ber 10 2017, 14:00 /// 
Work­shop Space, Post­ci­ty /// 
Test games during the fes­ti­val from Sep­tem­ber 7 to 11 on site ///

When he came to the alpha­bet, Theuth said: “This art, O king, will make the Egyp­ti­ans wiser and richer in memo­ry.” This is the myth of the inven­ti­on of wri­ting accord­ing to Plato’s Phaidros, which MYTH OF THEUTH takes as base for a play­ful exami­na­ti­on of media theo­ries.

While wal­king through anci­ent Athens, up to seven peop­le gather dif­fe­rent media and get in touch with media-phi­lo­so­phi­cal cele­bri­ties from the anci­ent world to the pre­sent. Vilém Flus­ser dri­ves asi­de the tele­ma­tic socie­ty ad nau­seam, Lau­ra Mul­vey takes a joy­ful look at our memo­ry and Mar­shall McLu­han final­ly gets his well-deser­ved mes­sa­ge. Smart­pho­nes, news­pa­pers, Lego bricks, slee­ping masks, stamps and other media are used through twel­ve uni­que sta­ti­ons.

At the fes­ti­val, MYTH OF THEUTH is put on dis­play for the first time in a uni­que per­for­mance with the fol­lo­wing four media artists:

  • Anne Nie­metz (NZL) is a media artist and desi­gner working in the fields of weara­ble tech­no­lo­gy, inter­ac­tive instal­la­ti­on and audio-visu­al design. She is par­ti­cu­lar­ly fasci­na­ted by the con­ver­gence of art, sci­ence, design and tech­no­lo­gy, and she pur­su­es col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve and cross-disci­pli­na­ry pro­jec­ts. Anne holds a Media Arts degree from the Staat­li­che Hoch­schu­le für Gestal­tung Karls­ru­he, with a focus in digi­tal media and inter­ac­tive sound instal­la­ti­on, and an MFA in Design|Media Arts from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cali­for­nia Los Ange­les. Sin­ce 2007 she’s been living and working in New Zea­land, whe­re she holds the posi­ti­on of Seni­or Lec­tu­rer in the Media Design pro­gram­me at Vic­to­ria Uni­ver­si­ty of Wel­ling­ton.
  • Hsi­nyu Lin aka Xin Xin (USA) is an artist and edu­ca­tor who stu­dies the modes by which inter­net shape and get shaped by soci­al, cul­tu­ral, eco­no­mic, and poli­ti­cal dyna­mics. She co-foun­ded void­Lab, a femi­nist collec­tive for women, non-bina­ry, gen­der non­con­forming, trans and queer peop­le to express indi­vi­du­al iden­ti­ties through arts and tech­no­lo­gies.
  • Juli­an Sta­don (AUS) is a mixed rea­li­ty artist, cura­tor and rese­ar­cher who recent­ly sub­mit­ted his PhD the­sis at Cur­tin Uni­ver­si­ty of Tech­no­lo­gy. Stadon’s trans­di­sci­pli­na­ry rese­arch has inclu­ded time with Inter­face Cul­tures Linz, The Sylg­rut Cent­re, Sal­ford Uni­ver­si­ty, HITLab­NZ, The Aus­tra­li­an Cent­re for Vir­tu­al Art; The Fog­screen Cent­re, The Banff New Media Insti­tu­te, CIA Stu­di­os, Col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve Rese­arch in Art Sci­ence and Huma­ni­ty (CRASH), Uls­ter Uni­ver­si­ty, Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­si­ty Graz (TUG) and Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­si­ty Munich (TUM).
  • Pete Ash­ton (UK) is an artist, most­ly working with came­ras and com­pu­ters, based in Bir­ming­ham in the North West of Euro­pe. He is inte­rested how pla­ces have echoes, in how the past can bleed through the con­struc­ts of the pre­sent through memo­ry and foren­sic explo­ra­ti­on; how the most revo­lu­tio­na­ry things can hap­pen in the most mun­da­ne and sub­ur­ban envi­ron­ments. His work invol­ves group and solo jour­neys using ran­dom and struc­tu­red rou­tes to draw mea­ning from and onto the city. Ash­ton is fasci­na­ted with the act of pho­to­gra­phy, more than pho­to­graphs them­sel­ves.

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