Musical Violence

chra (AUT) /// 
Bu’nostik (AUT) /// 

Thu, Decem­ber 6 2007, 20:00 /// 
Thea­ter Phö­nix, Wie­ner Stra­ße 25, Linz ///

On Decem­ber 6 2007 the Thea­ter Phö­nix will be rear­ran­ged for a spe­cial con­cert evening. The Nor­we­gi­an KILLL, known for their hyper inten­si­ve but very rare live per­for­man­ces, will work them­sel­ves off with a mix of elec­tro­nic clicks, shim­me­ring clin­kings, gui­tars and roa­ring drums and their ver­si­on of ultra death metal to rai­se the roof of the con­cert hall. To get into the mood and as a kind of coun­ter­point to the sound and psy­che­de­lic light storm CHRA with her mini­ma­listic elec­tro­nic sounds and BUNOSTIK with per­for­ma­ti­ve instal­la­ti­ons bet­ween con­cert, machi­nism and flu­xus will per­form live.

(Pho­tos: Petra Moser/Martin Bru­ner)

(Video: qujOchÖ)

(Video: qujOchÖ)