Musica da Cucina

Musi­ca da Cuci­na (IT) /// 

Sat, Sep­tem­ber 22 2007, 11:00 /// 
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

in coope­ra­ti­on with POPFAKES

… sounds from the kit­chen, inti­ma­cy and atmo­s­phe­res of tin­kling glas­ses and the whist­le of the kett­le in a per­for­mance that grows litt­le by litt­le, like a dish in the oven, reve­aling the bewitch­ment of dai­ly ges­tu­res.

The pro­ject Musi­ca da Cuci­na (kit­chen music) was crea­ted in 2005 by Fabio Bonel­li, artist from Mor­be­gno (Ita­li­an alps) who has dif­fe­rent musi­cal pro­jec­ts with the name Peop­le From the Moun­tains (milaus, sit in music, des­troy beet­ho­ven).

The aim is to catch the sounds of the kit­chen in order to crea­te a sound tex­tu­re on which try to broi­der melo­dies with gui­tar, cla­ri­net and accor­di­on. The final effect is qui­te a pregnant music, an ethe­re­al and hyp­no­tic sound mass with fami­li­ar and evo­ca­ti­ve sounds like water flo­wing, kettle’s whist­le, noi­ses of cut­le­ry on sau­ce­pan, tin­kling of glas­ses. This pro­ject is also a reser­ach of new sounds and new ways of using non con­ven­tio­nal instru­ment (like kit­chen tools), with an important melo­dic com­po­nent in order to make them pro­ject its­elf real­ly comu­ni­ca­ti­ve.

Musi­ca da Cuci­na has made many con­cert in North of Ita­ly and in Ger­ma­ny, play­ing in dif­fe­rent situa­ti­ons: art exhi­bi­ti­ons and art gal­le­ries, bus­ker fes­ti­vals, eno­gas­tro­no­mic fes­ti­vals or also litt­le home con­cert (by friend’s kit­chen) or in clubs and venues. In autumn 2005 he ope­ned also the gig of swe­dish band Aman­di­ne, Fat Cat records.

The music of Musi­ca da Cuci­na has also been used for some ita­li­an video and docu­men­ta­ry, for examp­le “La Signo­ra dei fogli­et­ti” di Mar­co Zama­ra­to and Ele­na Mila­ni, which has been pre­sen­ted at ION (Vene­zia) during the “Fes­ti­val del Cine­ma di Vene­zia” 2006.

POPFAKES FESTIVAL Sep­tem­ber 21 – 22 2007

(Pho­tos: Gerald Hen­zin­ger)