Mocking the Macho Tropes

Aja Ire­land (UK) ///
Clai­re Gru­be & DJ Rho­tar & DJ Mnail (AT) ///

Sat, June 8 2019, 20:30 ///
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

AJA IRELAND’S indus­tri­al beats and dis­tor­ted dro­nes, com­bi­ned with a psy­cho-vis­ceral, inten­se per­for­mance, chal­len­ge the audi­ence by brea­king down bar­ri­ers and pushing limits soni­cal­ly and visual­ly. Dis­tur­bing noi­se, despe­ra­te screams, hand­ma­de elec­tro­nics from found and collec­ted ele­ments.

She has been pro­du­cing an array of gen­res from grind noi­se to tech­no for the past years. Befo­re focu­sing on her new solo pro­jec­ts, she was living and working in Ber­lin and play­ing in the noi­se ensem­ble Batalj. Inspi­red by the Ber­lin noi­se sce­ne, she retur­ned to the UK to start her new live per­for­mance pro­ject, which is influ­en­ced and inspi­red by artists like Puce Mary, Empty­set and Phar­ma­kon who are explo­ring the bounda­ries bet­ween indus­tri­al and noi­se.

AJA IRELAND play­ed at the Ber­lin Alter­na­ti­ve Fashion Week for desi­gner LU LA LOOP, live on NTS radio, was fea­tured artist of the Eng­lish collec­tive for elec­troacoustic music and per­for­mance meta­nast, and after desi­gning the sound for musi­ci­an Joey Hol­der for the pie­ce “Ophi­ux”, she was nomi­na­ted for the PRS-fun­ded Oram Award.

Her latest tracks can be heard in “Page­ant Crack” released on Opal Tapes and on Perc’s new album Bit­ter Music.

She’s the anti­the­sis of the macho tro­pes that have for years sur­roun­ded noi­se music. Fal­ling some­whe­re under the umbrel­la of ‘New Weird Bri­tain’, her live shows sym­pto­ma­tic of it. Built upon the idea of audi­ence immer­si­on, Aja beck­ons you to sha­re the extre­me emo­ti­on her per­for­man­ces con­vey and the stran­geness that sur­rounds it.” (

Psy­cho­sexu­al rhyth­mic noi­se, bla­ckest ever beats, tor­tu­red bans­hee wails and skull­ca­ving dro­ne. Sonic, visu­al and phy­si­cal over-sti­mu­la­ti­on.” (

CLAIRE GRUBE is a mem­ber of the living room and dance­floor go-to-par­ty ani­mals madhou5e. Tog­e­ther with DJ RHOTAR and DJ MNAIL (Ces­ky Urfahr) she pro­vi­des ple­nty of bass, extre­me house elec­tro and tech­no music, and is cur­r­ent­ly one of the insi­der tips in Linz.
One more time. But dif­fe­rent.

Whe­ther solo, as a coup­le or as a trio, the three musi­ci­ans in their dif­fe­rent con­stel­la­ti­ons always reli­ab­ly bring stir­ring sets that sur­pri­se and mix up the usu­al house and tech­no enco­dings to the delight of all dance-tested hips.