Miss Magnetiq. Episode 5: Magnetic Cuisine

Sat, Novem­ber 17 2018, 6 p.m. ///
die donau­wir­tin­nen, Weber­gas­se 2, Linz ///

Pre­sen­ta­ti­on of the cook­book with Miss Magne­tiq, Nickel, Cobalt and Man­ga­ne­se ///
Mul­ti-cour­se menu with magne­tic food and drinks, coo­ked by donau­wir­tin­nen ///
Illus­tra­ti­ons by Susan­na Flock, Sun Li Lian Obwe­ge­ser, Mar­tin Bru­ner and Ste­fan Eibel­wim­mer ///
Back­ground music by Mons­ter Magnet, Nine Inch Nails, Iron Mai­den & Co ///

Kim Kar­da­shi­an, Tom Hanks and Tay­lor Swift swe­ar by this new trend from Linz: Magne­tic Cui­sine!   

This “magne­tic kit­chen” goes far bey­ond pre­vious phy­si­cal and che­mi­cal com­pound expe­ri­ments in the culi­na­ry field. In com­pa­ri­son, mole­cu­lar kit­chens, low-tem­pe­ra­tu­re coo­king or nano coo­king appe­ar to be like first steps with a che­mi­stry kit for child­ren. The magne­tic kit­chen, for examp­le, is based on the latest sci­en­ti­fic know­ledge such as high-tem­pe­ra­tu­re super­con­duc­ti­vi­ty, quan­tum levi­ta­ti­on or dia­ma­gne­tic effects in nano­car­bon tubes. It com­bi­nes dif­fe­rent theo­ries and methods of post­mes­me­rism, real-life super­he­ro ree­nact­ment and magic queer meta­mor­pho­sis. The magne­tic kit­chen was deve­lo­ped by the Linz super­he­roi­ne Miss Magne­tiq (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real-life_superhero#Austria). Tog­e­ther with her faith­ful assi­stants Nickel, Cobalt and Man­ga­ne­se, she has been libe­ra­ting the steel city of Linz and the who­le world from harm­ful vibra­ti­ons with the help of trans­car­di­al magne­tic sti­mu­la­ti­on for four years now.

After several mon­ths of work and nume­rous coo­king cour­ses at the Otta­kring Folk High School in Vien­na, a 120-page cook­book with 40 reci­pes for super­he­roi­nes is now avail­ab­le. In all reci­pes, spe­cial empha­sis is pla­ced on the use of iron-rich foods. Cra­zy magne­tic pro­duc­tion methods are used and the secrets of magne­tic cui­sine are con­vey­ed to the rea­ders step by step. In addi­ti­on to the reci­pes in the “Star­ters”, “Main Dis­hes”, “Des­serts” and “Drinks & Cock­tails” cate­go­ries, the cook­book also con­tains lovely anec­do­tes by Miss Magne­tiq and her three assi­stants as well as reci­pe illus­tra­ti­ons by Susan­na Flock, Sun Lia Lian Obwe­ge­ser, Mar­tin Bru­ner and Ste­fan Eibel­wim­mer.

The cook­book on magne­tic cui­sine will be publis­hed by Ver­lag Biblio­thek der Pro­vinz and will be pre­sen­ted to the public on Satur­day, 17 Novem­ber 2018 at 6 p.m. – with a mul­ti-cour­se menu of food and drinks from the cook­book ser­ved by the donau­wir­tin­nen at their inn in Altur­fahr. Miss Magne­tiq, Nickel, Cobalt and Man­ga­ne­se will read some sto­ries, the illus­tra­ted reci­pes will be shown in ori­gi­nal and the evening will be accom­pa­nied by music from Mons­ter Magnet, Nine Inch Nails, Die Krupps, Metal­li­ca and Iron Mai­den.

Pho­tos: qujOchÖ

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Mein Müli – Der Bio­la­den, RUBBLER MASTER HMH GmbH, die donau­wir­tin­nen, Frei­städ­ter Bier, GÍÍLINEA BÍO Kos­me­tik, Kre­mer Pig­men­te GmbH & Co. KG, Web­craft GmbH – super­ma­gne­te