Miss Magnetiq. Episode 1, Part 1: The Steel City as Electromagnetic Field

Sep­tem­ber 2014 /// 
Linz ///

With her mag­net­ic super­pow­ers MISS MAGNETIQ has destroyed half of Linz dur­ing her first mis­sions. In a series of YouTube-videos she is seen togeth­er with three of her com­pan­ions, called Nick­el, Cobalt and Man­gan, as she tries to free the city from harm­ful vibra­tions. But than every­thing went wrong.

In a first reac­tion MISS MAGNETIQ speaks from a mis­take: “I am deeply sor­ry. I will try to con­trol myself bet­ter in future so this won’t hap­pen again. I love Linz but to live with­in that much steel is real­ly hard for me. How does one say: ‘A sin is the mag­net ston’ which brings to us the iron.”

(Video/Editing: Michael Wirthig/qujOchÖ)

Spe­cial thanks to supermagnete.at