Miss Magnetiq. Episode 1, Part 3: The Steel City as Electromagnetic Field

Feb­ru­ary 2015 /// 
Linz ///

For some time it seemed that MISS MAGNETIQ, the new super­heroine from Linz, had van­ished with­out a trace. Some peo­ple say she is still suf­fer­ing from a fight against a gigan­tic mag­net­ic mon­ster. But now a third video appeared on YouTube – and again a part of the city is gone. After destroy­ing the local steel plant and the rail­way bridge this time the town’s land­mark, the Grot­ten­bahn at Pöstling­berg, is the scene of the mag­net­ic res­cue attempts.

MISS MAGNETIQ feels she has not done any­thing wrong: “I have tried my best but those exoph­talmic dwarfs and rab­bits have blown me off-course. Even I am becom­ing aggro than.”

(Video/Editing: Michael Wirthig/qujOchÖ)

Spe­cial thanks to supermagnete.at