Miss Magnetiq. Episode 1, Part 2: The Steel City as Electromagnetic Field

Novem­ber 2014 /// 
Linz ///

A sec­ond video has been released, in which our new super­heroine from Linz, Aus­tria, is seen as she destroys anoth­er part of the town. Orig­i­nal­ly MISS MAGNETIQ want­ed to free the town from harm­ful vibra­tions togeth­er with her com­pan­ions, called Nick­el, Cobalt and Man­gan. But than again every­thing goes wrong.

In a reac­tion MISS MAGNETIQ says: “It’s pathet­ic! Actu­al­ly I just want to help this town but than there is always some­thing very wrong in it — maybe it’s the dog.”

(Video/Editing: Michael Wirthig/qujOchÖ)

Spe­cial thanks to supermagnete.at