Miss Magnetiq. A new superheroine is born …

Sep­tem­ber 2014 /// 
Linz ///

The world needs new heroes. Heroi­nes. Super­he­roi­nes. Linz too …

Born in Linz she is so mani­fold and con­tra­dic­to­ry as a post­mo­dern iden­ti­ty has to be: posi­ti­ve and nega­ti­ve at the same time, hyper­pho­bic, iro­nic, ani­mal loving, chao­tic, aggro and sen­si­ti­ve, magne­ti­zing and always rea­dy not only to attract things but also to kick them away. A super­he­roi­ne as torn as the city from which she comes. Pure Trash.

As decon­struc­tivist and post­struc­tu­ra­list, MISS MAGNETIQ goes forth with the batt­le scream “Gen­der Trou­ble!” to explo­re the phy­si­cal phe­no­me­non of magne­tism, theo­re­ti­cal­ly and prac­ti­cal­ly in the­re­fo­re desi­gned expe­ri­men­tal arran­ge­ments and in the open orbit.

Do magne­tic fields have an influ­ence on cows? Why are the forces of the city guards in Linz so repul­si­ve? How to deal with the eso­te­ric won­ders of a free-ener­gy machi­ne? Is it true that the Pöst­ling­berg is a magne­tic hill and a car can go uphill back­wards? Why pay­ing atten­ti­on to the let­hal dan­ger of kil­ler-magnets? Is it pos­si­ble to rea­li­ze the dream of floa­ting with a simp­le cop­per tube and trus­ting Lenz’s law? Are magne­tiq super-powers enough to fight against over­si­zed magne­tic put­ty mons­ters?

All the­se ques­ti­ons, and even more, will be ans­we­red by MISS MAGNETIQ. In the cour­se of an artis­tic expe­ri­men­tal series, the expe­ri­en­ces of MISS MAGNETQ are going to be radia­ted into Maxwell’s ether.

(Pho­tos: Micha­el Wirt­hig, Sun Li Lian Obwe­geser)

Spe­cial thanks to supermagnete.at