Miami Booty Bass

Duracell (AUT) /// 
Otto von Schi­rach (USA) ///

Tue, May 13th 2014, 21:00 /// 
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

Sur­pri­se, sur­pri­se! Otto von Schi­rach is back! And he will open his European Tour in Linz!

Con­si­de­red to be “one of the most extre­me pro­du­cers in the elec­tro­nic music sce­ne” (Spex 2008) Otto will pre­sent his latest release “Tipo Tro­pi­cal / La Plan­cha feat. Sil­ve­rio” (Mon­key­town Records/Rough Tra­de) which sounds like “San­cho Pan­za with Gold­chains on a beach with lots of girls, dino­saurs and mul­ti­co­lo­red bub­bly in a magnum bot­t­le.”

Mia­mi Boo­ty Bass at its best.

Ope­ning Act: a for­mi­da­ble deep bass acid wave set from duracell (aka Bau­der & Zogho­ly).

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)

Live-Set Duracell:


Live-Set Otto von Schi­rach:


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