Marching Order Experiment 1

Extra Action Mar­ching Band (USA) ///

Mon, August 9 2004, 17:00 /// 
Blu­mau­er Platz, Linz ///

Ope­ning cere­mo­ny of the quitch

An extra ordi­na­ry march for qujOchÖ: ope­ning of the new impul­se cent­re for expe­ri­men­tal art and cul­tu­re

It’s done! qujOchÖ opens its new place at the Unte­re Donau­län­de on 9th of August 2009 with a bom­bastic specta­cle, a small freak revo­lu­ti­on, a hyper-rhi­zo­morph super­clash. The EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND was enga­ged for this occa­si­on, a for­ma­ti­on from San Fran­cis­co doing a spe­cial kind of para­de with a bunch of peop­le. Star­ting from Blu­mau­er Platz the who­le demons­tra­ti­on march is moving along the Land­stra­ße. Linz has not seen this befo­re! The EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND is beco­m­ing big­ger and big­ger during this magi­cal pro­ces­si­on, is doing some cir­cuits on the main squa­re, pas­sing the Art muse­um Lent­os and final­ly arri­ving at the new accom­mo­da­ti­on of qujOchÖ, fol­lo­wed by a wobb­ling, ass-shaking, stam­ping and yelling crowd.

The EXTRA ACTION MACHRING BAND is dres­sed like a typi­cal Ame­ri­can mar­ching band, with fit­ting uni­forms, fea­the­red hats, buzz-drums, trumpets, flag-girls and a sou­sa­pho­ne. But, as the name sug­gests: this mar­ching band has its pecu­lia­ri­ties: a scan­ti­ly clad flag team that rubs and pushes in of step, a pace­ma­ker with mega­pho­ne, com­men­ting rough­ly the pro­ces­si­on, a RonaldMc­Do­nald sau­sa­ge trumpet and a pro­noun­ced ten­den­cy just to go whe­re one actual­ly should not go. Simon Chef­fins, foun­der of EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND, says “It’s about move­ment, exci­te­ment and inten­si­ty, it’s about get­ting peop­le to let go. Our shows used to be extre­me­ly con­fron­ta­tio­nal, but we’re now more inte­res­ted in play­ing around with the con­text of the mar­ching band.” (The Wire, “Soul Desert”, 11/2003). To exp­lains the music: EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND is like FANFARE CIOCARLA, mixed with sound­track and style in bet­ween „ I know what you did last­sum­mer …“ and „From Dusk Till Dawn“ and 9 times MELTED MEN with a splash of COSTES. We expect a com­ple­te ad-absur­dum of con­ven­tio­nal mar­ching para­des, an anti­po­de to the Pflas­ter­spek­ta­kel of Linz, or as it is writ­ten in the San Fran­cis­co Bay Guar­di­an: “Watching the mem­bers of the Extra Action Mar­ching Band jam is sort of like going to your high school’s foot­ball half-time show on acid, except it’s more aci­dic.” (SF Bay Guardian’s Best of Bay, Reader’s Poll: Best Rock Band, 7. März 2003).

Guests are wel­co­me at any time in the new accom­mo­da­ti­on of qujOchÖ and allied artists at the Unte­re Donau­län­de 10!

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)

(Camera/Editing: Lois Gutau­er)

(Camera/Editing: Lois Gutau­er)