Low Dose Fizzy Pop

Gol­den Dis­kó Ship (GER) /// 
Can­ned Fit (AUT) ///

Sat, May 27 2017, 21:00 /// 
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

Gol­den Dis­kó Ship is The­re­sa Stroet­ges, a Ber­lin-based mul­ti-instru­men­ta­list and video artist who per­forms live as a one-girl orches­tra: “Her ima­gi­na­ti­ve sound­s­capes, shif­ting from deli­ca­te melo­dic lines stee­ped in nost­al­gia to the feed­back arcs and tex­tu­red dis­tor­ti­on of machi­ne abu­se, evo­ke lucid dreams and have won cri­ti­cal prai­se for their fresh, eclec­tic col­la­ges of elec­tro­nic and acoustic sound […]” (CTM con­certs) Gol­den Dis­kó Ship is docking at qujOchÖs har­bour brin­ging along her 3rd album cal­led Ima­gi­na­ry Boys: “[…] One domi­nant com­po­si­tio­nal ele­ment of Ima­gi­na­ry Boys is a deli­be­ra­te use of time, influ­en­ced by the per­cep­ti­on of elec­tro­nic music and tech­no.” (Karl­re­cords)

Can­ned Fit aka Chris­ti­ne Schörk­hu­ber is influ­en­ced by singer/songwriting, dance music, gara­ge punk, New Music, expe­ri­men­tal elec­tro­nics and muzak – but above all by lis­ten­ing clo­se­ly to the con­stant sound of the world and its peop­le all around. Cir­cuit-ben­ding, moto­ri­zed cans, soun­d­ing sto­vepipes, machi­nes, metal, glass, pot­te­ry shards, stone, elec­tro­nic con­struc­tions and mini­ma­listic instru­men­tal melo­dies are as well part of her pecu­li­ar sound aes­the­tics as dro­nes, feed­back, field record­ings, intri­ca­te beats and of cour­se her spe­cial voice. Her elec­tro­nic inter­faces are built by herself.

(Camera/Editing: Pari­sa Gha­s­e­mi)

(Pho­tos: Eva777)

Live-Set Gol­den Dis­kó Ship:


Live-Set Can­ned Fit:


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