🍉🍇🍒 last night I dreamed the pet I never had was selling weed butter in the streets & heidi klum taught me gymnastics 🍒🍇🍉

Dive into the world of pro­gres­sive sounds, rang­ing from dark, min­i­mal beats to rest­less, glitched out heav­i­ness. Field record­ings, algo­rith­mic pat­terns, elec­tron­ic theremin sound, dis­tort­ed voic­es and unex­pect­ed vio­lins — this and more can be found on the mix­tape » last night I dreamed the pet I nev­er had was sell­ing weed but­ter in the streets & hei­di klum taught me gym­nas­tics , mixed by Vien­na-based com­pos­er, DJ and cura­tor Abu Gabi and pre­sent­ed by qujOchÖ. 

Mix: Abu Gabi
Design: Sarah Oos
Print: Pota­to Publishing