Long Night of Turntablism

dieb13 (AUT) /// 
Wolf­gang Fuchs (AUT) /// 
Sed­mi­kras­ka (GER) /// 
Ele­phant Power (BEL) /// 
Fino (AUT) /// 
Lena (AUT) /// 
NDL (AUT) /// 
Mar­tin Klein (AUT) /// 
Jus­ti­ce Yeld­ham (AUS) ///

Fri, May 4 2007, 20:00 /// 
quitch and CON.TRUST, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10 und 12, Linz ///

The­re­fo­re the only lively thing that will hap­pen with a record is if somehow you would use it to make some­thing which it isn’t. You could, for instance, make ano­t­her pie­ce of music with a record and other sounds of the envi­ron­ment or other musi­cal instru­ments – that I would find inte­res­ting.” (John Cage)

Long Nights of shop­ping, rese­arch, muse­ums, lite­ra­tu­re, caba­ret, radio dra­ma and so on. As cul­tu­ral events in a class of its own so cal­led Long Nights … are pop­ping up near­ly at ran­dom and in an exces­si­ve way. A noc­turnal audi­ence is sup­po­sed to get in direct con­ta­ct with cul­tu­re, true to the mot­to “cul­tu­re for all”. qujOchÖ has to keep pace too and invi­tes you tog­e­ther with its neigh­bors from CON.TRUST to the first Long Night of Turn­ta­b­lism. An unbe­liev­a­ble sto­ry of suc­cess will be writ­ten.



(Pho­tos: Petra Moser)

(Video: qujOchÖ)

(Video: qujOchÖ)